Review: 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields

Ah, love songs. They’re hard to love, but harder to hate. The two are never far apart. Except for today, that is. Around Valentine’s Day people usually start to ponder more about love. What’s it all about? Worth the trouble, or just a pile of rubble? It’s different for everyone. Yet the songs on theContinue reading “Review: 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields”

Love, Identity and Shakespeare: Solomon vs. the Foggers and Facilitators

  We consider several different scenarios: in bed together, you eat chocolate, you feel happy and guilty, you eat more chocolate there is a deadline for a Valentine’s Day piece, but the market for articles about the fetishization of love is ironically oversaturated, and you panic to find another perspective

Far from the maddening crowd

It wasn’t really fair, to put Matthias Schoenaerts forward as the silent, swooning, tortured farmer in Thomas Vinterberg’s lates film adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s novel by the same name, Far from the madding crowd (much recommend!). To stamp such a face upon marriage as an institution would make anyone eager to marry. Well, as longContinue reading “Far from the maddening crowd”

Forever Alone, or Not, And Everybody Is Pretty Fucking Fine With That

Do you have a favourite love story? You probably do, as we all are spoon-fed love stories from the moment we first saw the outside world. Romantic love, differing from other ‘kinds’ of love, such as platonic love, is a major theme in a great amount of songs, books and movies. Not to mention commercials,Continue reading “Forever Alone, or Not, And Everybody Is Pretty Fucking Fine With That”