On Community

1 This is my final essay as the Editor-in-Chief of Writer’s Block Magazine. Being a member of the editorial board for the last 18 months has been incredibly enriching. I’m moving on because I feel it’s time to pursue other creative projects—but Sona (who is also leaving) and I are both so excited to follow … More On Community

On Self-Loathing and Gregor’s Labyrinth

“They will love me for that which destroys methe sword in my dreams the dust of my thoughtsthe sickness that breeds in the folds of my mindEvery compliment takes a piece of my soulAn expressionist nagStalling between two foolsThey know nothing –” Sarah Kane, 4.48 Psychosis The stereotype of the tortured artist consists in the … More On Self-Loathing and Gregor’s Labyrinth

On Endings

Have you ever started to read a book more slowly solely because you did not want the story to end? Taken more breaks, put it away for longer, and used it as a treat to read whenever you felt sad? I for one did this for the first time when I read Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian … More On Endings

Define ‘The End’

I hoped to end it “big”, in some way.Kind of stupid. As if the value of the whole is determined by this brief moment; the bangs and lights of a fireworks show before the silent darkness, the final scene that brings everything together before the curtain falls, the final credits crawling across the screen, the lights … More Define ‘The End’