The  Storybook of Late Night Thoughts

Do you remember those nights? Rolled up into your blanket, your nightlight already placed in the socket, the weight of a parent on the side of the mattress. Stories of monsters and men, fairies and sorcerers. Nightly recurring stage productions with star actors– our parents deserving of Oscar nominations. I count myself lucky to recognizeContinue reading “The  Storybook of Late Night Thoughts”

Romanian Nostalgia pt. 3 – Memories, Amateur Mysticism and Fortune-telling or Why you should keep the occult in your life

Photo credits: Virginia Lupu, from the series “Tin Tin Tin,” 2018–19. When I was around 6, my grandma found out I was deathly afraid of the dark and struggling with nightmares, so she decided to take me to a healer she knew in her village. She woke me up the next morning and off weContinue reading “Romanian Nostalgia pt. 3 – Memories, Amateur Mysticism and Fortune-telling or Why you should keep the occult in your life”

Relatos Salvajes: Why Seeing Bad Feels So Good

Joint article by Anarfifth and Elis Lipinski WARNING: Mad Spoilers When we see characters in a movie escaping the clutches of everyday conformity it is impossible not to be amazed. Not to get all “we live in a society” on you, but we do. Watching characters break though the norm and act without fear ofContinue reading “Relatos Salvajes: Why Seeing Bad Feels So Good”

Self-Published at Sixteen: An Interview with Erik Elsie

Logging on to Zoom tends to always feel tiring these days, but when Erik Elsie’s face popped up for our virtual interview, my energy immediately returned. Bright-eyed and excited, Erik enthusiastically greeted me through the screen, betraying just a hint of nervousness. Her short-cropped hair and no less than three nose rings clearly situated herContinue reading “Self-Published at Sixteen: An Interview with Erik Elsie”

Who Says You Have to Be Beautiful?

Trigger warning: body image, eating disorders I would definitely not be the first to say I’ve struggled with my body image — you might think “who hasn’t?”, and that’s exactly the problem. So many of us are made to feel like we aren’t beautiful enough or simply like we aren’t enough, and that’s a realContinue reading “Who Says You Have to Be Beautiful?”

Whose Body Is This?

Clutching the steering wheel of my mother’s car, my hands suddenly catch my attention, as if a ray of sun suddenly shone on the muddy backwaters of my mind and exposed the millions of microscopic particles floating in the constant stream of experience. The knuckles poking out like the rounded tops of an ancient mountainContinue reading “Whose Body Is This?”

Flash Fiction Competition 2021

“Let me give you some advice, killer to killer.” With this prompt, Writer’s Block is thrilled to announce the annual flash fiction competition! For a chance to be published in our next issue, send us your creation including the prompt – but remember, no later than May 1st at midnight (Central European time). Anxiously anticipatingContinue reading “Flash Fiction Competition 2021”

Romanian Nostalgia – Lyrical Edition

My last article was a confession of the overwhelming nostalgia that I felt while being away from home for so long. I mentioned the strong feelings one gets when listening to old songs, which brought me to the idea of starting a series of Romanian Nostalgia cures, starting with my favorite way to self-soothe: translatingContinue reading “Romanian Nostalgia – Lyrical Edition”