Advertise in Writer’s Block!

Who are we?

Writer’s Block is a students’ magazine for literature, film and creative writing, settled in Amsterdam, affiliated with the University of Amsterdam and its English department. The entire organization is non-profit and is run by students, and we strive to produce a qualitatively high-standing, free magazine four times per year. Writer’s Block has grown above and beyond a local student magazine, and currently sports a great variety of readers from all over the world, both students and non-students alike.

Who are our readers?

Writer’s Block is mostly targeted at students from Amsterdam: the physical magazine is currently only distributed in several university locations, students are the ones who typically send in submissions, and they tend to be the most engaged readers, as evidenced by the demographics of our followers on social media. In general, our readers tend to have a pronounced interest in reading and writing, as this comprises the majority of our content. The magazine currently has a print run of 300 copies per issue, although advertising revenue might help us increase this– in turn increasing the potential exposure at no additional cost. Writer’s Block issues usually run out within a month after release.

The magazine is also made available on our website ( several days after the initial release, and these digital editions get up to 200 hits within the first month (not including email subscriptions) and roughly 20 hits per month afterwards (decreasing slightly as the issue gets older). In contrast to our physical magazine, the digital magazine reaches a much wider audience, as evidenced by the variety of nationalities that visit our website and leave likes on our Facebook page. Our target audience for digital distribution has a much wider range of viewers in categories of both age and location, although the majority of interest still comes from the Netherlands (as evidenced by the fact that over half of our views hail from the Netherlands).

What do we charge?

Our pricing scheme is based on how large your advertisement is, and you’ll be discounted a set percentage if you choose to advertise in multiple issues. Note that your ad will appear both in the physical editions of Writer’s Block as well as the digital ones.

Quarter Page Half Page Full Page
Single Issue €20 €35 €50
Two Issues €35

(€17,50 / issue)


(€30 / issue)


(€45 / issue)

Four Issues (full year) €60

(€15 / issue)


(€27,50 /issue)


(€40 / issue)

Interested in advertising?

If you’re interested in advertising at Writer’s Block, please contact us at Also, if you have questions about anything related to advertising in Writer’s Block, if you’re wondering whether these prices are negotiable, or might be interested in advertising purely on our website itself, we highly recommend you send us an email, and we hope to be able to accommodate you.

For other contact information, please see this page.

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