Editorial Boards of Yore

Writer’s Block Editorial Board 2020-2021

Alexandra Barbu (Editor-in-Chief)

Alexandra’s writing tone oscillates between the gut-spilling personal and the clinical, research-based objective. In the course of the following year as Editor-in-Chief, she is set on finding a meeting place between the two, or perhaps something she’s not aware exists within herself  in the present moment. As a journalist of her inner world, she understands the importance of writing as a tool for self-exploration.

Eda Saridogan (Editor-in-Chief)

An outspoken feminist and avid socialist, Eda is a reader, writer and speaker of words. She shares a birthday with King Willem, worships Oscar Wilde, and seeks the approval of every cat she meets. Oh, and she gave a TedTalk once.

Jérémy Bernard (Final Editor)

If you’ve met me (chances are that if you’re reading this, I’ve already forced you to read something) then here are some quotes of mine you may enjoy:

Fo sho, fo sho
God bless
Some sort of business fish sticker
J’ai l’honneur d’être, etc…

Chelsea van der Linden (Final Editor)

Chelsea enjoys spending too much money on concerts, living in books, and though she does not particularly enjoy overthinking, she probably spends most of her time doing just that. She explores these thoughts through her passionate writing, and is grateful for you coming on this journey with her. Besides this, Chelsea is currently busy with the Comparative Literature Master.

Elis Lipinski (Social Media Manager)

Elis Lipinski is a vivacious young woman who, despite wanting to one day become a professional writer for television shows, does not know how to use a semicolon. She has obsessions with kitsch fashion, her cat Kai, and using dating apps to get free male validation.

Demi Kraakman (Secretary)

Demi is bubbly second year English student with simultaneously too much and too little time on her hands. She loves too write, yet struggles finishing any story she comes up with and probably has around fifty unfinished stories saved on her laptop. She can also be found wearing headphones or blasting tunes from her speaker at just about any time of day and is prone to singing along despite her lack of talent (it’s called a “genetic defect” okay).

Constantinos Kokkinolambos (Treasurer)

Ex-introvert turned extrovert, exceptional book eater, excellent foosball player, ex-mathematician and sometimes a little… extra. For some also an ex.

Rebecca Doets (Graphic Designer)

Rebecca enjoys reading about other people’s adventures, and is slowly learning to have some herself. Besides Writer’s Block, you can find her art available on Etsy, and her mind wandering off somewhere it shouldn’t be. She is currently working on completing her research Master’s in Literary Studies here at UvA.

Stella Kanto (Website Manager)

A language nerd, wannabe acrobat and forest elf who relates to plants. Frequently stuck in existential crises. What even are words? Why are things?

Writer’s Block Editorial Board 2019-2020


From back to front: Jeremy Bernard, Alexandra Barbu, Sebastian Alcocer, Brendon Booth-Jones, Ruby Fitzgerald, Sona Simonian, Eda Saridogan, Amber Vermue and Chaakir Benzina.


Sona Simonian (Editor-in-Chief):

Budding writer, full-time book-buyer, and Mother of many. Sona strives to be as deconstructive and kooky as possible. Oh, and her favorite number is still 3.

Brendon Booth-Jones (Editor-in-Chief and Final Editor):

At the age of 23, Brendon ran away from a budding corporate career to travel the world for a year. His gap year stretched into half a decade and he started writing his experiences down along the way. Brendon’s first book will be published by Hedgehog Press in 2020.

Jeremy Bernard (Final Editor):

Jérémy Bernard writes slice of life stories for people you would never want to meet in real life. Having grown up in both the United States and France, currently studying English Literature and Society in the Netherlands, he is able to pull from a wide array of cultures he doesn’t really know much about.

Amber Vermue (General Editor):

Dreamy, wanting to create, often aware of my surroundings and trying to create a more meaningful experience out of what I see.

Eda Saridogan (Website Manager):

An outspoken feminist and avid socialist, Eda is a reader, writer and speaker of words. She shares a birthday with King Willem, adores Oscar Wilde, and seeks the approval of every cat she meets. Oh, and she gave a TedTalk once.

Chaakir Benzina (Social Media Manager):

Chaakir has been spending his twenty odd years of life in Amsterdam endlessly finding new ways to tell stories, and that is exactly as exciting and exhausting as it sounds. His SoundCloud page waits patiently for what will inevitably be his viral moment.

Ruby Fitzgerald (Secretary):

Ruby likes reading, writing, drinking tea, and dancing (badly). She procrastinates too much and spends more time than she would like you to know thinking about what colour she is going to paint her nails next.

Sebastian Alcocer (Treasurer):

I don’t know what to say, I just want to be a writer.

Alexandra Barbu (Graphic Designer):

Loves sunsets, believes that journaling enhances life, but overthinks a lot. Alexandra is a second year English student who is interested in using writing to raise awareness about social causes and mental health.


Writer’s Block Editorial Board 2018-2019


From left to right: Julia Neugarten, Fannah Palmer, Megan Leeuw, David Slot, Sona Simonian, Elise van der Linde, Casper Rudolph, Dorus Asselbergs.

grouppics for WB (2 of 4)

From left to right: Casper Rudolph, Dorus Asselbergs, Julia Neugarten, David Slot, Sona Simonian, Sasha Chaboksavar, Megan Leeuw, Brendon Booth-Jones. (Not pictured: Elise van der Linde)

Sona Simonian – Editor-in-Chief

I have three goals in life: finish writing a book, know all the capital cities of the world, and break the longest hula hooping marathon world record. My favorite number also happens to be three.

Elise van der Linde – Editor-in-Chief and Graphic Design

Island girl that is always covered in cat hair, drinks a lot of coffee, and spends way too much time on the internet. Also enjoys the simple things in life like sleeping in and making soup.

Fannah Palmer – Secretary

Full-time student and stumblebum. Has an ambitiously-filled bookshelf, but keeps watching Girls reruns. In love with being in love, stuffy book shops, and California.

David Slot – Treasurer

Most people tell me raising silkworms doesn’t count as fatherhood. I just tell them I’d like to see their children spin a cocoon with their own saliva.

Casper Rudolph – Final editor

Fascinated with dreams and committed to the life-path of the writer, I’m here to make art for the rest of my life or die trying. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

Dorus Asselbergs – Final editor

Write fantasy or realistically, chaotically or structured, a lot or a few lines, write anything, just make sure you write something original.

Julia Neugarten – Website manager

Julia is in awe of the power of the written word, loves pop culture references and will fight for equality at every turn.

Megan Leeuw – Social media

Half-Irish, Half-Dutch girl who is a self-proclaimed professional overthinker and loves to read, write and drink tea.

Sasha Chaboksavar – Secretary

Half Persian, half Dutch girl with a classic background story: escaping a rough childhood by consuming books. So, yes! Books do give me joy and no! I won’t throw them away.

Brendon Booth-Jones – General Editor

Brendon was born in New Zealand, raised in South Africa, and is now officially Irish. With three passports to his name some people have said that he is like a less-efficient, bumbling Jason Bourne.

Writer’s Block Editorial Board 2017-2018


From left to right:
Top: Cathelijne Top, David Kleinsteuber, Paulina van Bergem, Rachel Aisa-Bonoko. Bottom: Roos Gravemaker, Luc de Vries, Elise van der Linde, Casper Rudolph, Sona Simonian

Roos Gravemaker – Editor-in-chief

As a literary student, I tend to over analyze and criticize everything, which brings about lots of article ideas, but at the same time often annoys the crap out of my friends. Apart from all the “serious” matters, I also love to indulge in the campy and the kitschy side of culture.   

Luc de Vries – Editor-in-chief

Luc de Vries comes from Nijmegen, where he became a bit more of a cynic than he would have liked. He greatly enjoys being an author of fiction that’s unpublished, undiscovered, and probably not all that good, anyway.

Paulina van Bergem – Secretary

Never am I happier than when I am telling or listening to stories, whether that is through music, literature or film. Food also always puts a smile on my face.

Cathelijne Top – Treasurer

Lover of films, video games, hiking, dogs and ice tea. Please indulge me in trying to escape my studies by filling a page with anything from researched pieces to random ramblings but often a bit of both.

Casper Rudolph – Final Editor

Writer of fantastical tales, and guitar player/vocalist in heavy rock ensemble: The Spoofs. Always out to break rules in weird and creative ways. Always writing with an open inner eye, and a punk-rock attitude.

Rachel Aisa-Bonoko – Final Editor

Hi! My name is Rachel. I’m a final editor. I’m in my last year of the BA English language and culture. I love art, dogs, tea and running long distance.

David Kleinsteuber – Website Manager

Hey, I’m David! I’m an infiltrator from philosophy. I’m an avid fan of hot chocolate and having or watching angry discussions. I have not yet figured out yet how soon is now, nor what ‘is’ is, though I intend to do so before I start my work at the philosophy factory downtown.

Elise van der Linde – Graphic Designer

Island girl wrapped in self-knitted scarves, clinging onto chai tea, and writing to keep warm. Also likes cats and mogu mogu.

Sona Simonian – Social Media Manager

Looks 13 but feels 83. Is unconditionally in love with Haruki Murakami. Thinks dolphins shouldn’t be locked up in marine mammal parks. Is a total wine mom. Is a living meme. Strong power thank you.

Writer’s Block Editorial Board 2016-2017


From left to right:
Rachel Aisa-Bonoko, Elise van der Linde, David Kleinsteuber, Anna de Boer, Roos Gravemaker, Sophie van Hellenberg Hubar, Tom van Veenendaal, Paul Hofma, Luc de Vries

Roos Gravemaker – Editor-in-chief

Because the books of Roald Dahl fascinated me when I was a child, I like the funny, absurd, and naughty side of literature and writing. I also have a passion for watches, British detectives, and bad puns which I love sharing with you.

Paul Hofma – Editor-in-chief

The road to hell is paid with adverbs, trust me I’m an engineer, if I pass out please note my time, and free time is a hoax. Welcome to my life.

Sophie van Hellenberg Hubar – Website manager

Things that make me happy include: reading (mostly fiction and cookbooks), editing, cats, misplaced interspacing, the smell and taste of elderberry, dancing, autumn, Utrecht and all kinds of food.

David Kleinsteuber – Treasurer & Website final editor

I’m David Kleinsteuber, resident philosophy-grandpa and movie-lover! I enjoy films and series, Coetzee, gender theory, naps, romance, kumbaya-sentimentality, good tortillas, and wondering if there’s really a difference.

Elise van der Linde – Graphic designer

Island girl flung across the Atlantic ocean. Lover of multiple languages, knitting, astrology, and creating fictional non-fiction. Always trying to find the right angle in photos, writing, and selfies.

Anna de Boer – Social media manager

Lover of books, music, piña colada’s and getting caught in the rain. Librocubicularist, anglophile, plant-carer, Gryffindor and passionate about guacamole. Enchantée.

Rachel Aisa-Bonoko – Email secretary

I’m Rachel. I love art and funny movies. I’m nostalgic and tend to be an introvert who loves listening to other people’s stories but who is bad at describing herself!

Tom van Veenendaal – Final editor & Secretary

Bolshevik of the Beaux-Arts and preacher of sickening carnalities. I’ve been in love (truly) with 3 women, the French republic, and the essays of William Hazlitt. Literature to me has been a nursery of riot, and I intend to continue that legacy.

Luc de Vries – Final Editor

Luc de Vries is a dude from Nijmegen with love. He is currently slouching toward his English BA, all the while enjoying various forms of literature, film, and most importantly, music. He patiently awaits the reincarnations of Sir Terry Pratchett, Stanley Kubrick and Bob Marley.


The Editorial Board 2015-2016

From left to right, top to bottom:

Roselinde Bouman, Phaedra Fidessa, Romy Verhoeven, David Kleinsteuber, Vincent Baptist
Judith Kroon, Felicia Fabriek


The Editorial Board 2014-2015 – Semester 2

From left to right:

Judith Kroon, Paul Hofma, Ilona Roesli, Isabel Harlaar, Phoebe Eccles

Isadora Goudsblom, Jules Schlicher, Rivka Hellendall, Tessel Rijneveldshoek


The Editorial Board 2014-2015 – Semester 1

From left to right, top to bottom:

Jules Schlicher, Judith Kroon, Isadora Goudsblom

Ilona Roesli, Paul Hofma, Yentl Dudink, Tessel Rijneveldshoek, Isabel Harlaar, Ines Severino

Editorial Board 2013

The Editorial Board 2013-2014

From left to right:

Thirza Osterhaus, Yentl Dudink, Ines Severino, Isabel Harlaar, Robert Steltenpool,

Isadora Goudsblom, Nora van Arkel, Joeri Vrouwenvelder, Joshua Swart, Ruby de Vos..  


The Editorial Board 2012-2013

From left to right, top to bottom:

Larissa Tijms, Joeri Vrouwenvelder

Isabel Harlaar, Thirza Osterhaus, Ruby de Vos

Nora van Arkel, Robert Steltenpool, Ines Severino