A guide to overthinking

Have you ever thought about what you think about on a daily basis? If I would have to guess, the thought process of a student of my age range encompasses a lot—from trying to figure out the meaning of life to thinking of funny memes seen on the internet yesterday. You could say it’s a lot: you have to think about what you’re going to eat at night, remember to study, go to work, decide if you’re going to exercise today and whether you want to hang out with friends (these are just some of the things that a student could be thinking about). But, sometimes when we aren’t expected to think a lot (for example while relaxing) we still do. It’s like our brain is still running a marathon while the race has been over an hour ago. Burnouts are physiological conditions often associated with being a problem from the 21st century. I believe that overthinking is often a big part of these conditions as they fuel an unending doubt in people. We often underestimate the huge influence that the mind can have on our physical and mental well-being. Continue reading “A guide to overthinking”


Why all my cabdrivers in Vienna pissed me off


Vienna, Austria. A city with refined beauty, a city filled with classical music, a city that’s the embodiment of art, and a city that has the worst type of cabdrivers you will ever meet. Okay, maybe those cabdrivers are not limited to Vienna. Normally, I’m not the type who drives around a city in a cab, but I was visiting with my parents and both of them are not the best walkers anymore. We drove in a cab maybe four times, and all four times the drivers pulled out their phones and answered messages they had received. Excuse me, sir, we didn’t get in your cab to risk dying here, or did we?

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#ExplainAFilmPlotBadly: Why Describing A Plot Badly Might Make A Good Movie


A meme did the virtual rounds a couple of months ago, called “explain a film plot badly”. It asked internet users to take a well-known and universally loved movie, and write down the plot as horrible and in the most misunderstood way possible (think Harry Potter but with Voldemort as the hero). Not to read too much into a meme, but when these pictures with new and often hilarious captions littered my Facebook timeline it got me thinking.  Continue reading “#ExplainAFilmPlotBadly: Why Describing A Plot Badly Might Make A Good Movie”

The meaning of Summer


Summer! It’s finally here. After long, cold dark nights the season that most people look forward to has started. Today I want to have a closer look at the meaning of this popular season. Is it hyped up by most people? Or is it truly one of the most magical times of the year? Here, in the Netherlands, people have a tendency to complain about the weather and how bad it is. It’s one of the “go-to” topics when engaging in small talk. It’s almost as if we have a collective hate towards rain and cold temperatures. So when summer arrives with its higher temperatures our society looks a bit friendlier because there is no need to complain anymore. We gradually start wearing less clothes and our carefree spirit gets shown to the world. There are festivals everywhere, random spontaneous barbeque gatherings and children splashing in their tiny swimming pools.

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The Deal with Pocket Monster Designs


Behold this horrid wretch before you, and ask yourself: how did Donald Trump beat this thing out of the first place in Time Magazine’s Most Influential People of 1998?

Not that any of that happened, of course. But imagine.

The thing I wanted you to take home from this is that no matter how awful the shape, the design in itself is instantly recognizable. And Pikachu, the loveable little thing, would probably give Trump a run for his money in terms of lovability versus fame (then again, a lot of Pokémon probably would).

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Anna’s #basic guide to travel


I always say that I regularly go bankrupt on aeroplane tickets. I just really love to travel (here is where I shamelessly refer back to my travel guides for Rome and London). A couple of years back I heard someone make it their New Year’s resolution that they wanted to travel to at least five places every year. The idea of that appealed to me enough that I decided to copy that resolution. I kept it, too. Continue reading “Anna’s #basic guide to travel”