On Nostalgia

I cracked my phone last week. Not to weird flex, but it was my second time cracking a phone. My first one was this old pink ‘LG touch screen something’ ten years ago. Again, not to weird flex, but I was shook when I found my phone cracked. It happened on my bed, of all … More On Nostalgia

How To Love Boys

When I was in my awkward, painful late teens, romantic comedies were all the rage. Girls my age couldn’t stop thinking—and talking—about the dreamy guys featured in movies like The Notebook, Mean Girls and Twilight. (I realize that these must seem ancient by now.) We all wanted a Noah, Aaron, Edward or Jacob. But we … More How To Love Boys

Notes From A New Catfather

This is Miso. He has been living under my girlfriend’s roof for about 5 months now, a time period in which I discovered what it means to be a catfather. Of course, since he’s my girlfriend’s, it’s more of a cat-stepfather situation. But it matters not. This is my experience.