Writer’s Block is a students’ magazine for literature, film and creative writing, settled in Amsterdam. The entire organization is run by students, mostly hailing from the English Department of the University of Amsterdam, and they work hard to bring you a qualitatively high-standing, free magazine four times per year. Writer’s Block has grown above and beyond a local student magazine, and currently sports a great variety of readers from all over the world, both students and non-students alike.

However, Writer’s Block is nothing without its community: the greater part of our content is provided by readers like you, who bravely step up and send in work for us to review and potentially publish. After all, if we don’t get your submissions, that would mean we won’t be able to fill our issues, which would make us and you, our readers, very sad. Hopefully, though, this is an issue we will never run into thanks to you!

Do you want to make sure we get to keep making Writer’s Block? Help us out by sending in your work to submissions@writersblockmagazine.com! Although we don’t have room to publish everything that gets sent our way, you’ll always get some helpful feedback to improve your writing skills with if you so desire. So what are you waiting for? Get writing!

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