Short story competition 2017 – Second place: The Elf in the Machine

The Elf in the Machine By Casper Rudolph ONE I’m sitting beside her on the couch in our living room, and we’re drinking our evening tea. “In the dream,” I tell her, “I was a child. I plucked a rose on an open plain at sunset, and watched it wither as the sun went down.Continue reading “Short story competition 2017 – Second place: The Elf in the Machine”

Short Story Competition 2017 – Third place: Armadillo

Armadillo by Frumingo Diaterdag The sky stretched long over the prairie in a cloudless blue. Heat hung shimmering over the asphalt, and the air was filled with the smell of molten rubber. Twenty-yard skid marks led up to the wheels of a tarnished brown Camino, smoke gushing from the hood. The front of the carContinue reading “Short Story Competition 2017 – Third place: Armadillo”