Short Story Competition 2019 – 3rd place: We Really Need The Babysitter Tonight by Jeremy Bernard

40 min flight, 50 pounds a ticket, 20 pounds for the babysitter, it was about fucking time. “It’s so nice to have a day to ourselves.” She whispers into his ear. She wanted to nuzzle her head in the crook of his neck but the economy seats were too rigid for any type of comfort,Continue reading “Short Story Competition 2019 – 3rd place: We Really Need The Babysitter Tonight by Jeremy Bernard”

Short Story Competition

Last year’s short story competition was a great success, and we are very happy to announce that we will be hosting another short story competition for our 35th issue. If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of submitting your work to us, now is the time to do it: you’ll be entering a literary frayContinue reading “Short Story Competition”

Short story competition 2017 – Second place: The Elf in the Machine

The Elf in the Machine By Casper Rudolph ONE I’m sitting beside her on the couch in our living room, and we’re drinking our evening tea. “In the dream,” I tell her, “I was a child. I plucked a rose on an open plain at sunset, and watched it wither as the sun went down.Continue reading “Short story competition 2017 – Second place: The Elf in the Machine”

Short Story Competition 2017 – Third place: Armadillo

Armadillo by Frumingo Diaterdag The sky stretched long over the prairie in a cloudless blue. Heat hung shimmering over the asphalt, and the air was filled with the smell of molten rubber. Twenty-yard skid marks led up to the wheels of a tarnished brown Camino, smoke gushing from the hood. The front of the carContinue reading “Short Story Competition 2017 – Third place: Armadillo”

2016: A Hipster Odyssey (The End of a Trend)

A last, weary breath of summer cloaks Amsterdam. The September heatwave has even the most zealous sunbathers clinging to their electric fans, and their freezers stuffed with Festini popsicles. Outside, meandering over roads of angry trams and taxi drivers, a lone man braves the weather with utmost determination. His bike lets out a rusty whineContinue reading “2016: A Hipster Odyssey (The End of a Trend)”

Short Story Competition – First Place: In Between Places

IN BETWEEN PLACES By Charlotte Nijhuis Hungaria The bumping of the carriage on the railway could put me to sleep within minutes. Using my backpack as a pillow and the views flashing before my eyes as a lullaby, it was easy to drift off. Nights in hostel beds made out of little more than aContinue reading “Short Story Competition – First Place: In Between Places”

Short Story Competition – Second Place: Old Devil Moon

OLD DEVIL MOON By Luc de Vries The spotlight is on us. The fallen night encircles the floor on which we sway, one foot to the other. Shadowed treetops crown my horizon. The stars are aligned in perfect structure: our diamond chandeliers laced with translucent clouds, drifting slowly. A tender step left, a hand onContinue reading “Short Story Competition – Second Place: Old Devil Moon”

Short Story Competition – Third Place: Terminal Velocity

TERMINAL VELOCITY By Casper Rudolph 1 For billions of years have I voyaged across the luminous emptiness, rocketing amongst silent worlds. I am bound to journey onward through this timeless haze, in the absence of any company. Over the aeons I have forgotten my point of origin and my destination has always been unknown toContinue reading “Short Story Competition – Third Place: Terminal Velocity”

Purple It Was

Purple It Was a short story by C. G. Huff   2 days before. “OK, Mr. Rogers, explain to this bunny how we take Barney out,” Elsje said, sniffing her celery before nibbling on it. “It’s really not all that convoluted,” Mr. Rogers replied, passing her the peanut butter. “Basically, the purple pariah has aContinue reading “Purple It Was”