Writer’s Block #49

The Writer’s Block board is thrilled to share our 49th issue! We would like to thank all the writers for their wonderful contributions. The printed version will soon be available at PCH, but here is the online magazine. If you would like to see your work in the next issue, please see our Submission Guidelines for moreContinue reading “Writer’s Block #49”

Writer’s Block #47

We are thrilled to share our 47th issue with you! Thanks to all the writers who sent in their unique contributions. Finally, this year we were able to print. So, while you can access the online version here, you can also grab a printed copy at PCH! If you would like to see your workContinue reading “Writer’s Block #47”

Writer’s Block #45

We are thrilled to share our 45th issue with you! What better way to start the year off right than with a fresh batch of beautiful creations? Thank you to all our spectacular contributors for sharing their art with us. While this issue is still published exclusively online, we are optimistic about printing possibilities asContinue reading “Writer’s Block #45”

Writer’s Block #40

This past Thursday our brand new issue was released in print copy, and now it is also available digitally, in pdf format. Featuring some stunning poetry and prose as well as atmospheric photography, not to mention the winner of our short story competition, it has been a joy to put together! In the following, Writer’s Block presents some ofContinue reading “Writer’s Block #40”