Writing from Visuals

In the exploratory stages of what came to be this exact article, I realized that my way of finding a topic was in itself something I wanted to write about: getting inspiration from visuals. Scrolling through pictures to help me come up with ideas for this article made me realize that this is what partly … More Writing from Visuals

Call for Submissions

Writer’s Block wants your work! Our submissions are currently open, and we are looking for creative minds to submit to us. We seek engaging, well-written texts that can be produced by seasoned writers or beginners who are just starting to dabble in the art from time to time. Have an interesting, impressive story to tell? … More Call for Submissions

On Luck

I used to walk through the park behind my old place a lot. Every time I would have to get groceries, I would take the green route and enjoy the sweet smell of grass while, occasionally, whipping out my phone to catch some Pokémon. This all changed when a gaggle of geese almost attacked me, … More On Luck