The Gendered Influence of Parents on Their Children

A conversation about being raised by parents in a gendered world. Trying to mimic what we saw as well as what we saw being enforced on us. Alexandra: Let me take control of the narrative.On a peculiarly sunny autumn day, a young-looking man steps into the quirkiest bar in Amsterdam, holding the leftover posters he … More The Gendered Influence of Parents on Their Children

Writer’s Block #42

The board of Writer’s Block is very excited to share with you the 42nd issue of our magazine! We have a great selection of some fantastic poetry, short stories and photography which you can check out here. Submissions are open for our next issue, and you are welcome to send us your stuff! Please check … More Writer’s Block #42

Writer’s Block Christmas Interview 2019

The Festive Fest Festival Season Feason is here, which means only one thing: another interview with the amazing board of Writer’s Block Magazine! Some statistics before we start: 5 out of 9 board members are heathens dog-people, while the other four intellectuals prefer cats. At least one of us has never seen Home Alone. Luckily … More Writer’s Block Christmas Interview 2019

Call for Submissions

Writer’s Block wants your work! Our submissions are currently open, and we are looking for creative minds to submit to us. We seek engaging, well-written texts that can be produced by seasoned writers or beginners who are just starting to dabble in the art from time to time. Have an interesting, impressive story to tell? … More Call for Submissions