On Cooking

Netflix: Flavorful Origins (Chen Xiaoqing, 2020) I have always loved cooking. Eating is followed as a close second. Both have been a big part of my life and I started ‘cooking’ at a young age. The first time I was allowed free rein in the kitchen, it was because my mother was given a simpleContinue reading “On Cooking”


I can go anywhere I want, just not home.  The fifth track of Taylor Swift’s album folklore, “my tears ricochet”, features one of the most relatable lyrics I’ve ever heard. Even though I acknowledge that the context behind this phrase is completely different to the one I put when listening to it, it is stillContinue reading “Home”

Supercut and nostalgia

Credits in image – Being a media student, I could pretend I have always been well aware of what a supercut is. Still, that would be a lie. It was only a few weeks ago that I decided to look up the definition of this word.  According to the Oxford Languages dictionary, a supercut isContinue reading “Supercut and nostalgia”