Flash Fiction Competition 2022

“There is something in the water” With this prompt, Writer’s Block is proud to announce the annual flash fiction competition! For a chance to be published in our next issue, send us your creation including the prompt – but remember, no later than May 1st at midnight (Central European time). Anxiously anticipating your creations, WB

Short Story Competition – First Place: Memories of Ma

We don’t like talking about mother. People never bring her up around here. They don’t even whisper about her or what she did, and we don’t like to think about it neither. But that’s mother, not Ma. No one knew Ma like us. But you seem nice, we think, and you’ll be our first guestContinue reading “Short Story Competition – First Place: Memories of Ma”

Short Story Competition – Second Place: The Fight Against Kilimani Eminence

THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE FEDERAL INVESTIGATIVE LIASON OF TRANSNATIONAL HEALTH (FILTH): PLEASE WASH THE MUGS.  It’s a common thing really, leaving your dishes out for the night. “Ah, fuck it,” you think. “I’ll get it in the morning.” Except that when morning comes, you’re still a bit hungover and so you’veContinue reading “Short Story Competition – Second Place: The Fight Against Kilimani Eminence”

Short Story Competition – Shared Third Place: Adventure Awaits

A man uses magic to turn into a mighty lion, but something goes wrong and he turns into a domestic cat, and has to spend his remaining days as his arch nemesis’s pet. No. Three people lost at sea, one is a tiger… No. Stop it with the felines. Real people. Real problems. Drugs, hallucinatingContinue reading “Short Story Competition – Shared Third Place: Adventure Awaits”

Short Story Competiton – Shared Third Place: Mark and Henry

As a professor of law, specialising in freedom of speech, Mark had concerned himself for the most part of his life with the weight of words. He felt strong about rhetoric, prose and text. They’d gotten into one of their quarrels over a frequently discussed topic that night. – “I panicked baby, I didn’t knowContinue reading “Short Story Competiton – Shared Third Place: Mark and Henry”

Short Story Competition – Writer’s Block #24 – CLOSED.

UPDATE: As per Januari 1st, the competition is CLOSED. We’re currently in the process of reviewing all of your wonderfull submissions. Still, keep an eye out for future updates: the winners will be announced at the Writer’s Block Drinks commemorating the release of the issue #24! UPDATE 2: Issue #24 is out, and the winnersContinue reading “Short Story Competition – Writer’s Block #24 – CLOSED.”

Essay and Fiction Competition

Competition After the success of the first two competitions, Writer’s Block magazine will now continue with the next categories: essay and fiction. We are looking for: Essay: No restrictions regarding theme and form. Maximum of 1500 words. Fiction: No restrictions regarding theme and form. Maximum of 1500 words. We hope you’ll be inspired to write for us in theContinue reading “Essay and Fiction Competition”

Poetry and Translation Competition

Competition Writer’s Block magazine proudly announces four competitions: in the upcoming half-year we will be hosting a translation, poetry, essay and fiction competition. The first part, for the next edition of WB, will be the translation and poetry categories. This is what we are looking for: Poetry: No restrictions regarding theme or amount of words.Continue reading “Poetry and Translation Competition”