Submission Guidelines

Writer’s Block magazine is always looking for fresh, well-written fiction, poetry, reviews or essays. Issues are published four times a year and are available in print and as a PDF on our website. Submissions should be sent as a Word or RTF file only (no PDFs!) to You will receive an email confirming your submission and after about a month you will receive an update about the status of your submission. At this point one of our editors will also offer detailed feedback about your piece. At Writer’s Block we emphasize writing as a collaborative project between editor and writer, both striving for a better final product.

We are open to all genres and styles with the only restriction that the work is no longer than 2000 words.

No restriction in term of length or format. We encourage that you submit multiple poems.

We are looking for creative non-fiction that goes beyond the typical term paper in terms of argument and style. Other than that you are free to discuss any topic of your choosing. Again, no longer than 2000 words.

We are interested in all kinds of columns and hope to see some humourous and well-written ones come in from you! The word limit is 1000.

We are also always looking for artists who we can showcase in our magazine. We are open to drawings, photography, comics and much more, as long as it is taken into account that it will all appear in black-and-white.

Lastly, we are eager to receive engaging and insightful reviews of films, books, and theatre productions that do not mainly give the reader a summary of the plot. Our preference goes to reviews of recent works. For reviews the word limit is 1000.

For questions feel free to email us or fill in the form below.


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