Editorial Board

Writer’s Block Editorial Board 2016-2017


From left to right:
Rachel Aisa-Bonoko, Elise van der Linde, David Kleinsteuber, Anna de Boer, Roos Gravemaker, Sophie van Hellenberg Hubar, Tom van Veenendaal, Paul Hofma, Luc de Vries

Roos Gravemaker – Editor-in-chief

Because the books of Roald Dahl fascinated me when I was a child, I like the funny, absurd, and naughty side of literature and writing. I also have a passion for watches, British detectives, and bad puns which I love sharing with you.

Paul Hofma – Editor-in-chief

The road to hell is paid with adverbs, trust me I’m an engineer, if I pass out please note my time, and free time is a hoax. Welcome to my life.

Sophie van Hellenberg Hubar – Website manager

Things that make me happy include: reading (mostly fiction and cookbooks), editing, cats, misplaced interspacing, the smell and taste of elderberry, dancing, autumn, Utrecht and all kinds of food.

David Kleinsteuber – Treasurer & Website final editor

I’m David Kleinsteuber, resident philosophy-grandpa and movie-lover! I enjoy films and series, Coetzee, gender theory, naps, romance, kumbaya-sentimentality, good tortillas, and wondering if there’s really a difference.

Elise van der Linde – Graphic designer

Island girl flung across the Atlantic ocean. Lover of multiple languages, knitting, astrology, and creating fictional non-fiction. Always trying to find the right angle in photos, writing, and selfies.

Anna de Boer – Social media manager

Lover of books, music, piña colada’s and getting caught in the rain. Librocubicularist, anglophile, plant-carer, Gryffindor and passionate about guacamole. Enchantée.

Rachel Aisa-Bonoko – Email secretary

I’m Rachel. I love art and funny movies. I’m nostalgic and tend to be an introvert who loves listening to other people’s stories but who is bad at describing herself!

Tom van Veenendaal – Final editor & Secretary

Bolshevik of the Beaux-Arts and preacher of sickening carnalities. I’ve been in love (truly) with 3 women, the French republic, and the essays of William Hazlitt. Literature to me has been a nursery of riot, and I intend to continue that legacy.

Luc de Vries – Final Editor

Luc de Vries is a dude from Nijmegen with love. He is currently slouching toward his English BA, all the while enjoying various forms of literature, film, and most importantly, music. He patiently awaits the reincarnations of Sir Terry Pratchett, Stanley Kubrick and Bob Marley.

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