Editorial Board

Writer’s Block Editorial Board 2017-2018


From left to right:
Top: Cathelijne Top, David Kleinsteuber, Paulina van Bergem, Rachel Aisa-Bonoko. Bottom: Roos Gravemaker, Luc de Vries, Elise van der Linde, Casper Rudolph, Sona Simonian

Roos Gravemaker – Editor-in-chief

As a literary student, I tend to over analyze and criticize everything, which brings about lots of article ideas, but at the same time often annoys the crap out of my friends. Apart from all the “serious” matters, I also love to indulge in the campy and the kitschy side of culture.   

Luc de Vries – Editor-in-chief

Luc de Vries comes from Nijmegen, where he became a bit more of a cynic than he would have liked. He greatly enjoys being an author of fiction that’s unpublished, undiscovered, and probably not all that good, anyway.

Paulina van Bergem – Secretary

Never am I happier than when I am telling or listening to stories, whether that is through music, literature or film. Food also always puts a smile on my face.

Cathelijne Top – Treasurer

Lover of films, video games, hiking, dogs and ice tea. Please indulge me in trying to escape my studies by filling a page with anything from researched pieces to random ramblings but often a bit of both.

Casper Rudolph – Final Editor

Writer of fantastical tales, and guitar player/vocalist in heavy rock ensemble: The Spoofs. Always out to break rules in weird and creative ways. Always writing with an open inner eye, and a punk-rock attitude.

Rachel Aisa-Bonoko – Final Editor

Hi! My name is Rachel. I’m a final editor. I’m in my last year of the BA English language and culture. I love art, dogs, tea and running long distance.

David Kleinsteuber – Website Manager

Hey, I’m David! I’m an infiltrator from philosophy. I’m an avid fan of hot chocolate and having or watching angry discussions. I have not yet figured out yet how soon is now, nor what ‘is’ is, though I intend to do so before I start my work at the philosophy factory downtown.

Elise van der Linde – Graphic Designer

Island girl wrapped in self-knitted scarves, clinging onto chai tea, and writing to keep warm. Also likes cats and mogu mogu.

Sona Simonian – Social Media Manager

Looks 13 but feels 83. Is unconditionally in love with Haruki Murakami. Thinks dolphins shouldn’t be locked up in marine mammal parks. Is a total wine mom. Is a living meme. Strong power thank you.


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