Editorial Board

Writer’s Block Editorial Board 2019-2020

From back to front: Jeremy Bernard, Alexandra Barbu, Sebastian Alcocer, Brendon Booth-Jones, Ruby Fitzgerald, Sona Simonian, Eda Saridogan, Amber Vermue and Chaakir Benzina.

Sona Simonian (Editor-in-Chief):

Budding writer, full-time book-buyer, and Mother of many. Sona strives to be as deconstructive and kooky as possible. Oh, and her favorite number is still 3.

Brendon Booth-Jones (Editor-in-Chief and Final Editor):

At the age of 23, Brendon ran away from a budding corporate career to travel the world for a year. His gap year stretched into half a decade and he started writing his experiences down along the way. Brendon’s first book will be published by Hedgehog Press in 2020.

Jeremy Bernard (Final Editor):

Jérémy Bernard writes slice of life stories for people you would never want to meet in real life. Having grown up in both the United States and France, currently studying English Literature and Society in the Netherlands, he is able to pull from a wide array of cultures he doesn’t really know much about.

Amber Vermue (General Editor):

Dreamy, wanting to create, often aware of my surroundings and trying to create a more meaningful experience out of what I see.

Eda Saridogan (Website Manager):

An outspoken feminist and avid socialist, Eda is a reader, writer and speaker of words. She shares a birthday with King Willem, adores Oscar Wilde, and seeks the approval of every cat she meets. Oh, and she gave a TedTalk once.

Chaakir Benzina (Social Media Manager):

Chaakir has been spending his twenty odd years of life in Amsterdam endlessly finding new ways to tell stories, and that is exactly as exciting and exhausting as it sounds. His SoundCloud page waits patiently for what will inevitably be his viral moment.

Ruby Fitzgerald (Secretary):

Ruby likes reading, writing, drinking tea, and dancing (badly). She procrastinates too much and spends more time than she would like you to know thinking about what colour she is going to paint her nails next.

Sebastian Alcocer (Treasurer):

I don’t know what to say, I just want to be a writer.

Alexandra Barbu (Graphic Designer):

Loves sunsets, believes that journaling enhances life, but overthinks a lot. Alexandra is a second year English student who is interested in using writing to raise awareness about social causes and mental health.

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