Editorial Board 2021-2022

Laiana Farias – Editor-in-Chief

Laiana is an enthusiastic curly-haired second-year student whose name everyone initially struggles to pronounce correctly. She loves to exercise, work with children, and will never say no to an adventure. As a short person, she fiercely defends the idea that being short is not a disadvantage. She considers herself an optimistic – and perhaps a slightly naive and sentimental – person who believes that good things will come, and is always looking for the bright side in every situation. She is very likely to bring up an adorably funny story about her lovable little sister in every conversation. Oh, and she absolutely loves adjectives and adverbs. 

Olivia Lucchesi – Editor-in-Chief

​​If there is one thing to know about Olivia is that she strived to get here. Not because *German* high school was hard, even though it was, or because moving from São Paulo to Amsterdam is tough, even though it is. Simply because she couldn’t decide what she wanted to study. From civil engineering to law and finally to media studies, with the hope to stay in this area and then become a journalist, the struggle was in fact more than real.

Although she checks all boxes on the stereotypical basic white girl, Olivia can surprise you: she is the first person to  stand up for what she believes in; when she needs to get something worked out, she will do anything it takes; and do not annoy her, cause despite feeling like a garden gnome near Dutch people, she can summon up her angry Latina within 5 seconds.

She lives by the philosophy that everything happens for a reason, which so far has been really useful to justify her new Amsterdam life experiences.

Arthur Mulder – Secretary

Literature student who prefers books in which nothing happens because far too much happens in real life for it to also be hectic in literature. He has been writing novels since he was seven in which things do tend to happen, annoying him greatly, and later in life he has started composing overly sentimental sonnets far too early in relationships. In his free time he consumes an unhealthy amount of films, argues with people why Kanye West is somehow still underrated and works out.

Marijne Ottenheym – Treasurer

Marijne has a hard time getting through the initial world building of books, loves the middle parts, then gets bored again once the ending is near –  hence an endless list of DNF’s that only keeps growing. Same goes for movies and series, by the way. Oh, and life and relationships in general! She claims to hate romance in books, but is secretly only entertained when there is a romantic plotline. 

With too many hobbies and too little time, she struggles with setting priorities, but she is always up for discussing pop-culture, the downfall of the patriarchy, and how cute cats are. 

“Overthinking is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.”

Reinier van der Plas – Final Editor

Reinier is an avid writer of unfinished fiction in which he loves to explore the big questions: What makes our identities? How can we sit with our existential condition? What if procrastination is actually a good thing? And what exactly is wishful thinking?

Quietly harbouring a passion for (video) games, Reinier can’t wait to turn Writer’s Block into his outlet.

He has gotten into chess recently and really wishes that he hadn’t.

Emilia Barriga – Final Editor

Very into words. Very into politics. And, also, very cool. 

Emilia spends most of her time writing literary analyses for her major, but she is tired of babbling about books, so, instead, she will mostly explore her admiration for similar arts or ideas she’s passionate about. Most of her critical essays also end up being a way to unleash her raging interest in feminism, decolonization, and, more broadly speaking, intersectionality, so if you are not into that, sorry to inform you, this isn’t going to work. Emilia would love to remind you that that’s okay though! It’s not you, it’s her. Just kidding, like she said, she’s very cool, so it’s probably you. Seriously though, expect satire and humour in most of her works, otherwise, this really isn’t going to work.

Vivian van Klaarbergen – Social Media Manager

Vivian is a creative second year English student who spends half of her day daydreaming and entirely detached from reality. Her all-time favourite TV shows often have a magical or supernatural plot line, yet her favourite movies are often cliché and, of course, full of romance. In short, Vivian is a dreamer and a procrastinating perfectionist who always has a book in her bag no matter where she is going. 

Elisa Paci – Website Manager

Elisa is a first year English student who loves cats, books and coffee and gets way too attached to fictional characters. 
Elisa is a nerd through and through. She loves comic books and superhero movies, and will talk to you about Spider-Man for hours if you let her. 

She also likes to say she enjoys writing but she has yet to finish any story.

Her favorite hobby though, is listening to people talk. Whether it’s her friends, a video essay on YouTube, an audiobook or a podcast, Elisa will never sit in silence.

Julia Kaczmarek – Graphic Designer

What you should know about Julia is that she tends to engage in many different areas, but always connects her actions with her purpose to leave a mark and make our world a better place. She is an extraordinary, creative person, who drinks way too much coffee while coming up with many ideas for articles and designs. She’s a feminist, working in a Polish NGO which supports women rights and combats the problem of period poverty. She loves to get into discussions about contemporary and expressionist art, and 90s pop-culture . If you encounter her in a good mood, she will entertain you with sarcastic jokes and captivating anecdotes from her unsettled life. In her free time she tries to practice yoga, draw designs and watch fashion shows. She stays updated on all kinds of gossip and trends from the fashion world and tries to combine fashion with activism. In the future she would love to pursue a career that would connect both, she loves to give and write about style and sustainable life advice. 

Rebekah Spaargaren – General Editor

2nd year English literature student with a love for stories in every shape or size they might come in, be it tv shows, comics, or video games. A space cadette who likes to believe she’s quite creative, though rarely finds the motivation to do creative things, spending a lot of time thinking about drawing and writing but seldom seen with a pen. Armed with a notes app full of random ideas that make little to no sense upon reread, she’s a quick thinker and the perfect person to come to for help with brainstorming, or simply just for lively conversation.