The Last of Us – Love and Humanity in a Post-Apocalyptic World

(Source: HBO) Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the events of The Last of Us. The HBO show The Last of Us has been taking the internet by storm, and I admit I’m definitely one of the enjoyers. After being hesitant to watch it because of my inability to enjoy horror and general distasteContinue reading “The Last of Us – Love and Humanity in a Post-Apocalyptic World”

John Wick, Our 21st Century Sisyphus

(Includes spoilers for the John Wick-franchise) “The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” -Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus The rule of action-movies is that immediate incentive trumps general motivation. When action star number 63 flails towards his goal in a boorish ballet ofContinue reading “John Wick, Our 21st Century Sisyphus”

On Cooking

Netflix: Flavorful Origins (Chen Xiaoqing, 2020) I have always loved cooking. Eating is followed as a close second. Both have been a big part of my life and I started ‘cooking’ at a young age. The first time I was allowed free rein in the kitchen, it was because my mother was given a simpleContinue reading “On Cooking”

Flash Fiction Competition 2023

With the prompt “There are three rules for walking through the woods”, we are excited to announce the annual flash fiction contest! For a chance to be published in our next issue, send us your creation including the prompt in the text – but remember, no later than June 1st at midnight (Central European time).Continue reading “Flash Fiction Competition 2023”

A note on long-distance friendships 

Photo by: Laiana Farias Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships. Whether it be the ones I’ve (subconsciously) distanced myself from or the ones that still leave their daily imprint or the new ones that have wiggled their way into my life, I’ve been reflecting on the significance of friendships.Continue reading “A note on long-distance friendships “

Why do we Enjoy Crime Fiction?

I have to admit that I’ve never really liked crime fiction or detective movies or TV shows. The primary reason for that is that I get scared extremely easily. I have never watched a horror movie in my life and I’m pretty sure I would still get jumpscared while watching Coraline. My parents would often watch crime TV-shows in the evening before going to sleep and I disliked it because I was terrified of having nightmares about it afterwards.

On Connection

A few years ago, I first read The Art of Loving and Losing Female Friends. It hasn’t left my mind since. The article hit me in all the right places and fills me with a bittersweet melancholy about all the friends I’ve loved and lost throughout the years, as well as love for the future friends I am yet to meet.

Analogies of Otherness

Few of us face our feelings head on. Polite euphemisms and humor are draped over that which stings us as habitually as tablecloth over tabletop. I am not here to argue we should all stare at the naked timber, tracing the growth-ring grooves in the wood without fear or shame. Few of us want toContinue reading “Analogies of Otherness”

Are we fading? Are we sailing into a triangle of sadness? Questions on the essence of our personal values as a common organism.  

And during that sunset show nobody cared about your status, nobody cared what you were wearing or who you were. Everyone came to the age of the rocks by the ocean and applauded the sun as it was disappearing behind the horizon. Everyone laughed and joyfully looked at this natural process, being just as excited and happy about it as if looking at a baby taking first steps clapping and applauding around it.

The (Im)possibility of Gift Giving

Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers. Amsterdam. Photo by Lhya Munive. When I was nine years old, my mother gifted me a beautiful black guitar for Christmas. I had begged her for months to get me a guitar, promising I would learn to play it and I wouldn’t give up halfway like most of the skills IContinue reading “The (Im)possibility of Gift Giving”