The Ultimate Guide to New Wave

Talking Heads I’ve noticed a recent surge of interest in ‘80s culture with a return to the fashion and particularly the music of the time. Clubs are having ‘80s nights, and many cafes around the city are playing the defining bands of the most animated and colorful decade of the 20th century. This ultimately meansContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide to New Wave”

Writer’s Block Is Looking For Editorial Board Members!

Writer’s Block is looking for fresh, new, enthusiastic, talented, and creative editorial board members! Do you like writing, editing, or do you have any journalistic aspirations? Then join the Writer’s Block editorial board! What/who is Writer’s Block?Writer’s Block magazine is the student magazine of the English department at the University of Amsterdam, but we haveContinue reading “Writer’s Block Is Looking For Editorial Board Members!”

Silkworms and Me – a Love Story

Every year, summer’s first few days of sunshine bring back a wealth of half-forgotten activities and hobbies to our exam-worn lives. Iceboxes and swimming gear are dug up from the hidden reaches of our storage, balconies and gardens become pleasant habitats once more, and we finally remember what sunglasses were for. For some, it meansContinue reading “Silkworms and Me – a Love Story”