Happy New Year from Writer’s Block!

The Writer’s Block Editorial Board wishes you a lovely New Year’s Eve and all the best for 2019. In the new year, we would love to receive your short stories, poetry, essays or photography. You can always submit stuff at  submissions@writersblockmagazine.com Here’s a song to get you in the New Year’s spirit.    

Hetero-Free TV 2

While I would like to commence this second article by restating that I am indeed most definitely not a heterophobe, and that I, frankly, find the very suggestion profoundly offensive, I hereby gladly present to you, dear reader, a second collection of films that are morally sound and which happen to also be predominantly heterosexuality-free.Continue reading “Hetero-Free TV 2”

Review: The Danish Girl

Warning: Spoilers. Few movies have touched me like The Danish Girl. With the ability to weave a Hammershoi kind of look into this Denmark-based story, the movie sheds a light on love, freedom and identity. The Danish Girl tells the story of the Danish painters couple Einar (Eddie Redmayne) and Gerda (Alicia Vikander) Wegener inContinue reading “Review: The Danish Girl”

Reasons to Stay Inside: Part 2

  Since the Sopranos (1999) kicked off the “Golden Age of Television”, we’ve had great series come out pretty much every year, and many of them are still watched in large numbers today. In this article, as I did in my article last year, I’d like to show some love for some lesser known high-qualityContinue reading “Reasons to Stay Inside: Part 2”


“Trolling is the Boston Tea Party of our time.” – Weev Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer is truly one-of-a-kind. He is an Internet troll, white nationalist, hacker, and a refugee from what he calls “American tyranny” after he was falsely imprisoned for 11 months. In an Esquire column he was called a “paranoid, anti-Semitic, pro-genocide misanthrope”; AssistantContinue reading “Weev”

Writer’s Block #30

We are proud to present the first Writer’s Block of 2016-2017! Do you like short stories? Essays? Poems? Or perhaps you feel like reading an interview? Writer’s Block #30 has got it all! Just click on the cover and enjoy! We’re always looking for submissions, so remember to send us your work at submissions@writersblockmagazine.com!