Dear reader, sometime last year I first read about the Situationists. I thought their theories were super interesting, I would like to share my enthusiasm for those theories with you, and I sincerely hope that they will provide food for thought and crank your brain as they continue to crank mine.

WB Valentine’s Poetry

  It is no secret that we like good poetry here at Writer’s Block. But if there’s one thing that brightens our day more than good poetry, it’s bad poetry. Luckily for us, there is a special day, every year, which seemingly functions as a magnet to forced rhymes, nonexistent meters and toe-curling similes: Valentine’sContinue reading “WB Valentine’s Poetry”

Dutch-language singing and songwriting – Part 1: Ramses Shaffy and Drs. P

  Up until when I was about fifteen, I was instinctively against listening to and liking much of Dutch music. Thankfully, I soon realized this is a weirdly elitist attitude to have, and I can happily say I outgrew it. Dutch can be a beautiful and rich language with a wide range of character-types andContinue reading “Dutch-language singing and songwriting – Part 1: Ramses Shaffy and Drs. P”

Taking a moment

  Whether it’s on a grander ethical scale or in a more day-to-day sense, we’re always catching up with technology: we can only figure out how to deal with it once it’s already there. Today, it’s the same with the proliferation of the steady stream of stimuli from smart devices: many people, including me, areContinue reading “Taking a moment”

On Empathy

On Empathy On Fault Lines and Amy Coplan’s Experiential Understanding You open the window, smell the fresh spring breeze, gaze wistfully outside. Outside, finches gather in that tree you like, somewhere in the distance you see a bunny rabbit hop, and the sun shines so bright you can almost see the kid from Teletubbies hidingContinue reading “On Empathy”

Tribute to Television

  Last month for the second time we gave some much needed (and deserved) love to three under-recognized series, and today we continue that tradition. You might notice that I’ve changed the title of the series from “Reasons to Stay Inside” to “Tribute to Television”; I’ve done this because I think the ironic intention ofContinue reading “Tribute to Television”