On Endings

Have you ever started to read a book more slowly solely because you did not want the story to end? Taken more breaks, put it away for longer, and used it as a treat to read whenever you felt sad? I for one did this for the first time when I read Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian … More On Endings

Cooking Diaries: “Failure is part of the Art”

Back in December, I went through a rough patch where I was feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. The weekend prior to my final exams was spent in bed moping and sopping around, and watching hours and hours of Claire from the Bon Appétit test kitchen. Actually, I also watched other videos created by Bon … More Cooking Diaries: “Failure is part of the Art”

Dave the Traveler

What is the number one thing on a lot of people’s bucket list? A quick Google search gives you an answer similar to the following: travel the world. I bet even you have dreamt about going to a place far away to experience the Other, the unfamiliar, the exotic. I did the same thing last … More Dave the Traveler

Christmas Movies Galore: Netflix 2019 Edition

Jolly good, Christmas has passed! Now that all of us have gained loads of weight after overeating during the holidays, it is time to eat a little more while binge watching the only thing more disgustingly sweet than peppermint candy canes: Christmas movies. Ever since the beginning of November, Netflix has been releasing new movies … More Christmas Movies Galore: Netflix 2019 Edition

On Luck

I used to walk through the park behind my old place a lot. Every time I would have to get groceries, I would take the green route and enjoy the sweet smell of grass while, occasionally, whipping out my phone to catch some Pokémon. This all changed when a gaggle of geese almost attacked me, … More On Luck

Palindrome Poetry

“Llewd did I live, and evil I did dwell.” Sotades, ancient Greek poet I spent most of my summer break traveling between Seoul, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Warsaw and Almelo. You have heard of the first four cities, but the fifth one might be a little obscure. Almelo is my hometown. The days I spent there were … More Palindrome Poetry

An Ode To Paint

There are two types of art I wholeheartedly admire: the art of writing and the art of painting. I love how artists practicing these two disciplines fill blank canvasses with diverse forms of emotional creativity. Of course, there are other artists such as dancers and singers who actively use their bodies to convey art, which … More An Ode To Paint