Eurovision Songs You Need To Know (2006 – 2017)


It is that month of the year again. The Eurovision season has begun. I remember that ever since 2006 I have been watching this big ol’ European glitter party. When I was younger I used to beg my parents to let me stay up late during this one week in May and they did. You see, to you 2006 sounds like an oddly specific year, but to me a lot happened in 2006. Eurovision-wise; I don’t really remember anything else from 2006. It was the year Armenia[1] first participated and Lordi won by singing “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. It was also the year I got my first crush. Remember Dima Bilan? Maybe not, but I do. You might also wonder: why up until 2017? I like to be surprised during the semi-finals instead of knowing every song by heart already prior to those semi-finals. I have no clue about what this year’s songs are going to be like.

Let me guide you through the past 11 years of Eurovision. Not all songs I’m going to mention are necessarily good songs, but I enjoy them and they are kind of iconic. I won’t be able to discuss all the songs I consider gems, so I’ve made a playlist with hopefully all amazing songs from the past years. There is no particular order to this compilation. The headings will be enough to understand. Buckle up, because you are in for a ride.

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As Seen on TV: The Bullet Journal


Do regular diaries and planners annoy you? Have you always wanted to design your own schedule? Do store-bought machine-made agendas feel useless to you? Do not look any further, because the solution is here! Introducing the bullet journal: notebook with dotted, numbered pages. Ready for you and your pen to draw up your schedule the way your heart desires to.

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WB Valentine’s Poetry


It is no secret that we like good poetry here at Writer’s Block. But if there’s one thing that brightens our day more than good poetry, it’s bad poetry. Luckily for us, there is a special day, every year, which seemingly functions as a magnet to forced rhymes, nonexistent meters and toe-curling similes: Valentine’s Day.

As the editorial board, we process your poetry submissions all year through. Today, we decided to return the favor to the people. Through collective effort we tried to capture the most mediocre, Valentine-y poetry we could muster, in honor of this international day of bad poetry.

We hope you enjoy.

xoxo WB

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Why all my cabdrivers in Vienna pissed me off


Vienna, Austria. A city with refined beauty, a city filled with classical music, a city that’s the embodiment of art, and a city that has the worst type of cabdrivers you will ever meet. Okay, maybe those cabdrivers are not limited to Vienna. Normally, I’m not the type who drives around a city in a cab, but I was visiting with my parents and both of them are not the best walkers anymore. We drove in a cab maybe four times, and all four times the drivers pulled out their phones and answered messages they had received. Excuse me, sir, we didn’t get in your cab to risk dying here, or did we?

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Battle of the Christmas Cookies


*Special thanks to my mother who let me do all this baking back at home and who helped me through all of it.

Christmas is all about receiving gifts, spending time with your family, and most importantly: gaining a lot of weight. In order to contribute to the weight gaining, I decided to bake a lot of cookies for my family this year. Obviously, I want to make a good impression on them (or: I want to pretend like I’m Nigella) so I decided to try out some recipes beforehand. I tried a total of 3 recipes, compared them, ate them, rated them, and had them eaten and rated by the editorial board in order to decide on what would be the perfect type of cookies to bake this Christmas.

Disclaimer: if you are planning on actually baking one of these cookies, I advise you to stick to the instructions given in the original recipes and work off of them since they are original™ and complete. Unless you are a daredevil. In that case, use mine. All judgements but the Writer’s Block ratings are my opinions, feel free to disagree. I will allow you.

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On the best souvenir you can give your friends


It was shortly after one of my best friends had left for America when I realized that collecting souvenirs for all my friends was going to get slightly more complicated than it used to be, because shipping to and from America is quite expensive. She went to New York at the end of May and sent us postcards from there. I’m not joking, those postcards were so cute and so nostalgic to receive. The four of us had been to New York together a year earlier, which added to the fun that receiving personal postcards gives. This first card was the beginning of something that has grown into a new tradition: sending postcards as souvenirs to each other. Instead of these disgusting fanny-packs, I think it would be so much better if postcards made a comeback. Let me tell you why:

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