Meeting the Board: Brendon and Sona

The 2019-2020 Editorial Board of Writer’s Block would like to introduce themselves to you. Today, we will meet our Editors-in-Chief: Brendon Booth-Jones and Sona Simonian!

Brendon Booth-Jones (Editor-in-Chief and Final Editor):

Autumn breathes her first cold breaths on Amsterdam and the bobbing torrent of tourists thins ever so slightly. The first licks of gold and red flicker in the trees, occasional leaves spinning down onto the bike lanes and cobbled bridges. The canals lie cold and still in the crisp grey mornings and fresh-faced students trot to their first lectures and seminars. The city rolls through its gears beneath drifting grey clouds until sunset, when the horizon turns to a cold pink smudge in the west. Mist fills Vondelpark at dusk, and bats wheel through the fog like hang-gliders on crack, prompting some bug-eyed, truffled tourist to exclaim, “I didn’t know dogs could fly! They must be so excited!” I close my book, wrap my scarf a little tighter around me, and think about how excited (and honoured) I am to be the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Writer’s Block Magazine this year, to be whizzing and soaring through the mist of submissions with an immensely talented board of editors, eagerly hunting high-quality poems as if they were tasty moths and iridescent dragonflies—or whatever it is that flying dogs eat these days.

Sona Simonian (Editor-in-Chief):

Greetings Homerus, Son of Aphrodite … I’m Sona, now 22 years old and not studying English anymore. I actually graduated last summer. Now I’m in my first year of a BA in Sociology. Yeehaw, am I right? This year, I’ll be leading the pack together with Brendon, which is going to be fun. Murakami and Monet still own my heart, I still do not have a Toto, Eurovision is still my religion, and I still use a bullet journal. I guess I’m still plain ol’ me. 

What did change is this year’s board. Fresh faces are here to combine their creativity to publish more magazines. We will be doing some cool things, so stay tuned to read it all. I know I’m looking forward to it. Are you, too?


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