On Fear


The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”
H.P. Lovecraft

Recently, I was asked a rather intriguing question by my tea bag1: what are you most afraid of? While the question itself might be straightforward, the intriguing part was that I found myself having great difficulty answering it. Continue reading “On Fear”


The Wonderful World of Webcomics


I’ve found myself amazed over these past few years by the concept of The Webcomic. With the advent of the internet, the publishers of old are no longer the only way to get your art to your audience, and a new generation of writers and readers has gratefully picked up on this. Instead, if you want to your comic to its (prospective) fans, the process is in essence not much more difficult than drawing it, putting it online, making sure there’s ways for people to actually find said comic, and… waiting. If you’ve got at least some talent and happen to get lucky, your readers will come to you eventually. Continue reading “The Wonderful World of Webcomics”

Sanderson in Review

A reader’s job these days is hard. More books get published in a single year than any of us could read in a lifetime – and that’s without even taking into account petty complications like school and jobs and family that seek to diminish our precious reading time. Today, I’m hoping to convince you that there is one author of the fantasy genre in particular whom you should not simply let pass by you: Brandon Sanderson. Continue reading “Sanderson in Review”

Passionately Curious: What The Hell Is Quantum?

If there was ever a word that a physicist dreads hearing in common parlance, it has to be ‘quantum’. Believe me, I think I’ve heard this word abused more than perhaps any other. As such, in this episode of Passionately Curious, back after a long hiatus, we’ll be diving into the how and what of quantum physics for real. No scary equations, no mathematical hocus pocus: just descriptions and analogies, so you too, citizen, can get a general feeling of what all that quantum weirdness is about. Continue reading “Passionately Curious: What The Hell Is Quantum?”

Embracing Solitude

Despite what movies like Into the Wild (2007) might like us to believe at times, our Western culture is certainly not a friendly place for lone wolves. Most of us would, for example, feel uncomfortable when sitting by ourselves in a bar or restaurant – and I certainly recall myself wondering at times, when I see someone sitting by themselves. “Don’t you have any friends or loved ones you could be spending time with right now?” And I think everyone can relate to that awkward silence that can – and will – sometimes happen in conversation. “Wait, why is there silence? Am I showing my social incompetence now? What will they think of me?!” Cue social anxiety. Continue reading “Embracing Solitude”

The Boy in the Boat


People who know me know that I row. A lot. As a consequence, it turns out I’ve gotten very good at talking about rowing. A lot. Or, if I don’t watch out, all the time.  Sometimes, and lately especially, now that I’m aiming for one of Skøll’s[i] novice[ii] boats it can feel as if rowing is my “main thing”, and that all the rest (studies, Writer’s Block, friends, family) is almost peripheral. “Oh, right, need to take care of all of that stuff, too.”

And now, don’t get me wrong: that’s probably not the right attitude to have. I do think my studies are important, and I do take my task as editor-in-chief very seriously, and I do try very hard between juggling all of the aforementioned to keep in touch with all of the wonderful people whom I’ve got the honor of calling my friends and family. So sometimes I find myself taking a moment, dropping what I’m doing, and wondering: why do I love rowing so much? Continue reading “The Boy in the Boat”