Mukbang and food in the modern world


One summer ago I didn’t have much to do so, as any bored millennial would do, I browsed the web for new and interesting things that I could watch, or listen to (or a combination of both).What I ended up finding was strange, funny but above all very relatable. It was a video of a woman named MommyTang (this is her username) sitting on the ground in front of a big table where she was able to cook food while talking about a topic. When she finished preparing the food she started to eat it. On camera. My first reaction was one of surprise: how is this a video that thousands of people like to watch? As I was thinking that I realized, to my astonishment, that I had already watched more than half of the video. After that I was left with so many questions: what is this and how did it come to be a ‘thing’? And, why is it a ‘thing’ in the first place? Now I have to confess something to you: that summer I ended up watching quite a lot of those videos and I think that I have found the answer as to why.

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Hidden Conduits for Joy in Mexican Cuisine


Toward a Festive Analysis of the Burrito

“A burrito (US English /bəˈritoʊ/ buˈrito (help·info))[1] is a type of Mexican[2] and Tex-Mex food,[3] consisting of a large wheat flour tortilla with a filling, wrapped into a closed-ended cylinder, in contrast to a taco, where the tortilla is simply folded around the filling. The flour tortilla is sometimes lightly grilled or steamed to soften it, make it more pliable and allow it to adhere to itself when wrapped.”

– Wikipedia (2016), Description of a burrito,

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Let’s talk about food. No, not the delicious new hamburger joint around the corner, the fact that your mom makes the best nasi goreng in town, or how much you like that particular chocolate ice cream they sell at that particular supermarket. Let’s talk about what food actually means to us, aside from how it tickles our taste buds and delights our senses.

After a few weeks of vague symptoms (nausea, bloating and unexplainable random stomach-aches) my doctor told me that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, in short IBS. It basically means that your bowels are or have become oversensitive for various components within the food products we daily consume. Nearly 10 percent of the inhabitants of the Netherlands have it – including me. Continue reading “Intolerance”