Writer’s Block #42

The board of Writer’s Block is very excited to share with you the 42nd issue of our magazine! We have a great selection of some fantastic poetry, short stories and photography which you can check out here. Submissions are open for our next issue, and you are welcome to send us your stuff! Please check … More Writer’s Block #42

Jim Morrison and Control: The Demonization of Natural Instincts

During this Winter Break, I found myself seeking a form of escapism from letting my mind wander too much, as that is its natural reaction to having any free time. Jim Morrison’s spirit took over my brain’s right hemisphere, and enticed me to a Dyonisiac dream of imbibing my synapses with mysterious substances and reaching … More Jim Morrison and Control: The Demonization of Natural Instincts

Dave the Traveler

What is the number one thing on a lot of people’s bucket list? A quick Google search gives you an answer similar to the following: travel the world. I bet even you have dreamt about going to a place far away to experience the Other, the unfamiliar, the exotic. I did the same thing last … More Dave the Traveler

Why Do We Write?

“Every English major secretly wants to be a writer.” This is a sentence that’s often thrown around in literature classes, but what does it actually mean? We study the greats because we want to be one of the greats? To be fair, I suppose, who wouldn’t want to be at par with Dickens or Fitzgerald? … More Why Do We Write?