On Luck

I used to walk through the park behind my old place a lot. Every time I would have to get groceries, I would take the green route and enjoy the sweet smell of grass while, occasionally, whipping out my phone to catch some Pokémon. This all changed when a gaggle of geese almost attacked me, … More On Luck

Growing Up With the Controller Is a Privilege

The first video game I remember playing is the adaptation of Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove (2000). I had supposedly already been honing my skills in a little game called FIFA 99, but it is five-ish year old me that I remember, holding the controller of the original PlayStation as I embodied an Emperor turned … More Growing Up With the Controller Is a Privilege

Palindrome Poetry

“Llewd did I live, and evil I did dwell.” Sotades, ancient Greek poet I spent most of my summer break traveling between Seoul, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Warsaw and Almelo. You have heard of the first four cities, but the fifth one might be a little obscure. Almelo is my hometown. The days I spent there were … More Palindrome Poetry