Table Tennis: The Ultimate Quarantine Sport to Keep Your Sanity

If someone asked me how I manage(d) to keep sane during quarantine I would either say one word: ping-pong, or two words: table tennis. The sport is also called whiff-whaff but if I said that, well, people wouldn’t believe that I have kept my sanity after all. “But, is table tennis even a sport?” PeopleContinue reading “Table Tennis: The Ultimate Quarantine Sport to Keep Your Sanity”

The Struggles of a Blocked Writer

Everyone who writes regularly knows the feeling of a complete and utter lack of inspiration. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or an amateur, we are all faced by this uncomfortable feeling of not knowing what to write about, or how to continue a piece that we’ve written. Every idea feels unoriginal, every wordContinue reading “The Struggles of a Blocked Writer”

Retracing Invisible Roots

The dock is swarming with people, fishermen, stalls selling the daily catch and travelers waiting for their ships to start boarding. The sun burns through her clothes, leaving a trail of sweat dripping down her back. On one hip her two year old daughter has made herself comfortable, her large eyes wandering about in wonder.Continue reading “Retracing Invisible Roots”

On being away from home – Nostalgia and closeness through distance

What is nostalgia to you? There is always a moment during each party when the sun starts peeking out of the darkness and some heartbroken soul is putting on their favorite suffering song from they were in high school and their crush went to the movies with another girl. In a different corner, we listenContinue reading “On being away from home – Nostalgia and closeness through distance”

How To Be Unstoppable: Interview with Vellu Saarela

With a swing of the leg and an arch of the back, his toes draw a circle high up in the air. A light greeting to the sky-blue spring floor in between, and he’s back in the air again. Every time you think he’s going to finish a sequence, you’re wrong. And you never know what’sContinue reading “How To Be Unstoppable: Interview with Vellu Saarela”