Writer’s Block Christmas Interview

Quick as a flash, Christmas has come and gone. As you’re laying on your couch and just – cannot – move from all you’ve stuffed yourself with or if you’re feeling the post-celebration blues, let us be your remedy! Writer’s Block proudly presents our yearly Christmas interview, where you can find out all the (festive)Continue reading “Writer’s Block Christmas Interview”

Writer’s Block Holiday Recommendations

Happy Christmas Eve Eve everybody! We know that the holidays are a bit unusual this year, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to be merry and jolly! It’s been a difficult year for all of us, which is all the more reason we want to be with loved ones around the holidays and yetContinue reading “Writer’s Block Holiday Recommendations”

Malfunctioning in a Functional World

Trigger warning: mention of mental illness Imagine yourself in another time: you live in a cottage in the countryside, your day consists of feeding the chickens, farming, maybe a little reading and sometimes your friend from a nearby village visits for a conversation. Hold this picture for a second and think about what we, inContinue reading “Malfunctioning in a Functional World”

Food or Foe: A Lifetime Unoriginal

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Eating disorder and calorie talk. If you have ever been around me when I’m intoxicated you probably already know that I have deep rooted eating issues. I am, by nature, an emotional drunk that likes to let every issue in my life pour out of me the moment I’ve had more than threeContinue reading “Food or Foe: A Lifetime Unoriginal”

Ode to Smiling at Strangers

The second glance, the eyebrows raised ever so slightly. The millisecond of disbelief, quickly melting into surprised delight. The little flash of warmth in the chest. “That stranger just smiled at me.” And flustered cheeks rise like bread in the oven.  How about that little gasp in your heart when an especially attractive someone randomly beamsContinue reading “Ode to Smiling at Strangers”

Exploring the Liminoid: A Metamodernist Look at Non-Being

When I was a kid, my parents and I would go visit my grandparents every weekend. It was a fun ordeal that I would always look forward to, but the drive back home late at night was something I dreaded without knowing why. Sitting in the backseat, looking out onto the endless traffic on theContinue reading “Exploring the Liminoid: A Metamodernist Look at Non-Being”

Gender Equality in North Korea

This is not a communist country; it is a dictatorship. At no point am I defending a dictatorship. As an anarchist I would never defend an unquestioned authority subjugating their people. The Supreme Leader of the DPRK has allowed for nothing but pageantry and poverty to engulf the entirety of its people. Where lies aboutContinue reading “Gender Equality in North Korea”

Making Self-Love Seem Cool

Self-love has been one of the most difficult journeys I’ve embarked on. It means something else to each of us; we all have different ways of showing ourselves love, just as we differ in terms of the ease with which we do it. While some people love themselves by default, others need some more timeContinue reading “Making Self-Love Seem Cool”