The Language of Gratitude

Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass discusses various native North American cultures and their wisdom regarding coexistence in respectful reciprocity with nonhuman beings. Kimmerer’s insights of the significance of language systems in defining our perception of nonhumans, and thus our relationship with them, help to shed light on why this relationship is rather unbalanced in theContinue reading “The Language of Gratitude”

Writer’s Block Giveaway 2021

We are thrilled to announce Writer’s Block Magazine’s first ever giveaway. The board has united its powers to curate a a bundle of beautiful prizes: -A €15 giftcard to Waterstones -A handmade Finnish pocket guru by Stella -A feel-good jar filled with inspirational quotes by Demi -A set of handmade earrings by Elis -A playlistContinue reading “Writer’s Block Giveaway 2021”

Flash Fiction Competition 2021 – Second Place: Pity

By Chaakir Benzina You had hoped to avoid me today. Pity.But we deserved each other, didn’t we? Of course. Misery is all we had in us. My coffee had gotten cold by the time we acknowledged it. Too fucking late. Now you’re staring at the window. Must be looking for something you couldn’t find inContinue reading “Flash Fiction Competition 2021 – Second Place: Pity”

Flash Fiction Competition 2021 – Third Place: Guidelines to Safely Using Your Murderous Tendencies

By Tiago T.I. Viergever Let me give you some advice, killer to killer. After all, that’s something we all have in common: We’ve all killed before. At one point or another each one of us, dear reader, has been guilty of some grizzly murder. Or do the critters, so unceremoniously crushed beneath your soles, notContinue reading “Flash Fiction Competition 2021 – Third Place: Guidelines to Safely Using Your Murderous Tendencies”

Independent and Dependant Antigua

An intersectional approach to the racist colonial hierarchies instilled within Antigua’s national identity Britain has irrevocably moulded the national identity of Antiguans. Europe has incessantly meddled with the inner workings of Antiguan society while profiting off of the people they deem as inferior. The inferiority that Britain established and that Europe at large perpetuates isContinue reading “Independent and Dependant Antigua”

The  Storybook of Late Night Thoughts

Do you remember those nights? Rolled up into your blanket, your nightlight already placed in the socket, the weight of a parent on the side of the mattress. Stories of monsters and men, fairies and sorcerers. Nightly recurring stage productions with star actors– our parents deserving of Oscar nominations. I count myself lucky to recognizeContinue reading “The  Storybook of Late Night Thoughts”

Romanian Nostalgia pt. 3 – Memories, Amateur Mysticism and Fortune-telling or Why you should keep the occult in your life

Photo credits: Virginia Lupu, from the series “Tin Tin Tin,” 2018–19. When I was around 6, my grandma found out I was deathly afraid of the dark and struggling with nightmares, so she decided to take me to a healer she knew in her village. She woke me up the next morning and off weContinue reading “Romanian Nostalgia pt. 3 – Memories, Amateur Mysticism and Fortune-telling or Why you should keep the occult in your life”

Self-Published at Sixteen: An Interview with Erik Elsie

Logging on to Zoom tends to always feel tiring these days, but when Erik Elsie’s face popped up for our virtual interview, my energy immediately returned. Bright-eyed and excited, Erik enthusiastically greeted me through the screen, betraying just a hint of nervousness. Her short-cropped hair and no less than three nose rings clearly situated herContinue reading “Self-Published at Sixteen: An Interview with Erik Elsie”