The Dreaded 30

It is impossible to pass through life in a university without hearing someone complain about aging. Almost every time someone announces their birthday it comes with a sigh and a disenchanted remark about the passage of time. Judging by the students’ expressions and words, you would think they had just been at a syndicated American … More The Dreaded 30

Moors In Elsinore

I love Shakespeare and is there anything more amazing than combining his legendary poetic style with the narcissistic, pompous, and contemporary enigma that is Kanye West? Methinks not. Watch the clip here.

The Wide-Stretched Realms of Pride and Prejudice

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every article written on Pride and Prejudice starts in the same way. Being a huge fan of the book myself, I have looked forward to sharing some of my views on the story for quite a while. Perhaps contrary to expectations, this will not be an article concentrating … More The Wide-Stretched Realms of Pride and Prejudice