Far from the maddening crowd

It wasn’t really fair, to put Matthias Schoenaerts forward as the silent, swooning, tortured farmer in Thomas Vinterberg’s lates film adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s novel by the same name, Far from the madding crowd (much recommend!). To stamp such a face upon marriage as an institution would make anyone eager to marry. Well, as longContinue reading “Far from the maddening crowd”

Why writing poetry is better than going to the gym

Read on to the end for an additional exercise! You haven’t been to the loo yet (the loo, loo, if you know what I mean) and feel your stomach going up and down and making loud noises and you’re all clogged up inside and have to stop running after 5 minutes for fear of exploding.Continue reading “Why writing poetry is better than going to the gym”

I thought 5 KM far away enough: A Review of Carlos Marques-Marcet’s 10,000 KM

  The opening shot of this minimalist gem is an amazingly controlled and choreographed twenty-something minute record of intimacy, shot inside a Barcelona apartment in which a couple – photographer Alex (Natalia Tena, Harry Potter’s Nymphadora Tonks) and student Sergi (David Verdaguer, a smouldering Devendra Banhart type) are making love, after which they go aboutContinue reading “I thought 5 KM far away enough: A Review of Carlos Marques-Marcet’s 10,000 KM”

Lunatics Unite

It’s nine o’clock on a Friday morning and I’m standing in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil, although it has already boiled twice. I push the on-button for the third time, the way I looked at the clock three times last night in the time span of no more than one minute, unableContinue reading “Lunatics Unite”

Introduction to the Deep Dark World of Cyberpunk Fiction

My academic year started on a rather chaotic note. Four days before the first semester was to start, I realised I hadn’t enrolled in any courses. Thankfully I ended up managing to enroll in whatever courses caught my eye (that is, in my 1-second glance of hurry-up-hysteria). Consequently, I found myself stranded in a classroomContinue reading “Introduction to the Deep Dark World of Cyberpunk Fiction”