Meeting the Board: Ruby, Amber and Sebas

The board has three new members that we would like to introduce to you! Please give a warm welcome to our Secretary Ruby Fitzgerald, our General Editor Amber Vermue, and our Treasurer Sebastian Alcocer:

Ruby Fitzgerald (Secretary):

Hey, I’m Ruby and I will be a member of the Writer’s Block editorial board for 2019-2020! I’m new to the country as well as to the magazine; I’m an English Literature student at the University of Sussex in the UK but I’m currently studying in Amsterdam for an exchange year. This city is an unbeatable source of inspiration. There is art literally everywhere you look: in the architecture, on the walls in cafes, and in the music that drifts out of small venues and into the street. Severely lacking in any musical or drawing skills, writing is my favourite mode of expression. I’m grateful to have Writer’s Block as an outlet to explore my thoughts on the many things that have inspired me since moving here. I’m looking forward to reading your submissions and being a part of a magazine that draws in such insightful pieces of writing!

Amber Vermue (General Editor):

Heya, during this school year, I will be General Editor and I am really looking forward to being a part of creating Writer’s Block this year! Expect from me articles about film, books and other types of stories, and various other things that keep bubbling through my mind. I try to look for stories in the smallest things; art, images, interesting encounters, and whatever crosses my mind that I can morph into something capturing the essence of certain moments, feelings, etcetera. I usually write small bits throughout the week but am eager to upgrade this towards a daily writing habit. There is more I could tell you, but you’ll hopefully get to know me a bit more through my writings!

Sebastian Alcocer (Treasurer):

In the dark seas of the north lives a fish called Kun. Kun is so big, I don’t know how many thousand miles his mass covers. He turns into a bird named Peng. Peng’s back is I don’t know how many thousand miles wide. When he flies off, his wings look like clouds that fill up the heavens. When the sea starts to swell, this bird sets course to the dark seas of the south. Turning like a ramshorn he rises up to a hight of ninety thousand miles. Far above the clouds and with the blue heaven on his shoulders he starts his journey southwards to the sea we call the “Heavenlake”.
What’s the moral of the story? I didn’t get to that point yet. Does it matter? I’d say no.
I’m Sebas, I study philosophy and I’m curious to see what kind of nonsense I’ll be serving you in the future.


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