Writers and Their Habits

While writers are undoubtedly known for their creativity, some of them often make use of unusual ways to realize that creativity. So, in this article, I will guide you through some famous writers’ working habits. Some opt for extreme daily routines, and others go for more low-key, but original habits. Is the knowledge of someContinue reading “Writers and Their Habits”

Scoliosis Awareness Month

June is one of my favourite sunny months, but apparently also Scoliosis Awareness Month! It felt pretty good discovering that this exists since I live with scoliosis as well. I would like to tell a bit about my own experience with scoliosis; how it’s a struggle to live with, but also about overcoming insecurities andContinue reading “Scoliosis Awareness Month”

Review: Fragmented Beauty and Chaos in “Undone”

Imagine going through life and each week seems to be the same sequence over and over again. Your breakfast takes exactly ten minutes to finish and is eaten at the exact same time every day. The motion of toothbrushing bores you as your week progresses. Moving from A to B over and over again makesContinue reading “Review: Fragmented Beauty and Chaos in “Undone””