Writer’s Block Christmas Interview 2019

The Festive Fest Festival Season Feason is here, which means only one thing: another interview with the amazing board of Writer’s Block Magazine! Some statistics before we start: 5 out of 9 board members are heathens dog-people, while the other four intellectuals prefer cats. At least one of us has never seen Home Alone. LuckilyContinue reading “Writer’s Block Christmas Interview 2019”

Writer’s Block Is Looking For New Editorial Board Members!

Writer’s Block is looking for fresh, new, enthusiastic, talented, and creative editorial board members! Do you like writing, editing, or do you have any journalistic aspirations? Then join the Writer’s Block editorial board! What/ who is Writer’s Block? Writer’s Block magazine is the student magazine of the English department at the University of Amsterdam, butContinue reading “Writer’s Block Is Looking For New Editorial Board Members!”