Meeting the Board: Jeremy and Eda

The second batch of our new editorial board wants to introduce themselves to you. Meet our Final Editor Jeremy Bernard, and our Website Manager Eda Saridogan!

Jeremy Bernard (Final Editor):

How many times have you walked along the street and stared at a random person? Upon admiring the contents of their dressing, the style of their hair or the shape of their body, you have unconsciously put that person in a box. You might have started to develop the insides of that box, drawn in crayon a sloppy mural that you believe to be their life. There are a thousand stories lost to the machinations of your mind. People have been warriors, doctors, murderers and thieves. People have cheated, abused, loved and lost. Between the two seconds and the thousands of years of their constructed pasts, the only common element has been your imagination. So now it’s time for you to do the same one more time. My name is Jérémy Bernard, I recently turned 20 and I look like a less emo Kylo Ren (Star Wars Episode 7). Now, what do you think my story is?

Eda Saridogan (Website Manager):

Hey folks, I’m Eda and I’ll be your Website Manager for the year! On top of the editing of submissions and the managing of the website, I’m especially looking forward to the monthly articles where I will get to talk/rant about anything and everything. Coming from an international school, I’m culturally a mix of Turkish, Western European and American, and speak three and a half languages (my French is very limited). My articles will reflect this diverse rootlessness, so expect an assemblage of seemingly unrelated topics covering punk rock, Romantic poetry and neo-Marxist dogma.

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