Meeting the Board: Chaakir and Alexandra

Last but definitely not least, we want you to meet our dear Social Media Manager Chaakir Benzina, and our lovely Graphic Designer Alexandra Barbu!

Chaakir Benzina (Social Media Manager):

Hi! I’m Chaakir. As Social Media Manager, my mission is to connect your stories with the appropriate audience, while flexing my writing chops accumulated from a bunch of trial and error.

Storytelling has always been my form of self-expression, through the unoriginal songs I wrote on my Blackberry in high school and the other media I’ve engrossed myself in. Yet, years of songwriting experience couldn’t prepare me for the creative block I eventually had to endure. Things no longer made sense, and I needed to wave music a temporary goodbye. Luckily, I had already started experimenting before this moment. So when I decided to take a break from music, I decided something else was important.

I love stories. Regardless of medium, I’m here for the narratives, and being able to tell and promote them as board member of Writer’s Block is a tremendously appreciated privilege.

Alexandra Barbu (Graphic Designer):

Hello there! I’m Alexandra and the new Graphic Designer. Right now I’m starting my second year of English Language and Culture and I’m really excited to work with Writer’s Block and see the creations we come up with! Some of my hobbies include yoga, buying too many books to read in this lifetime, and painting. My favorite book right now is The Master and Margarita. My friends say I’m the type of person that stops you in the middle of a conversation to remind you how important you are to me and how special this moment is. Living on my own has definitely changed me, but while experimenting with writing I want to reconnect with the side of me that is present and appreciates life. In this moment of my life, I see writing as a tool for exploring myself and my style, not necessarily for the finished product. Is it really ever finished, anyway?


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