Meeting the board: Roos and Luc

The editorial board of 2017-2018 would like to introduce itself to you! First up: Editors-in-chief Roos Gravemaker and Luc de Vries.

Roos Gravemaker – Editor-in-chief


Finishing my Literary Studies Research Master, I will be the editor-in-chief for the second time. I was sad to say goodbye to my partner in crime Paul but I am really looking forward to working together with Luc. From Shakespeare to detectives and from Czechoslovakian children’s TV shows to Kanye West, I like to write about things that fascinate me. Next to tackling complex literary theory on a daily basis, I just started a new job as an English teacher at my old high school. When I am not reading Derrida or ordering around 26 fourteen-year-olds, I like to run, watch playthrough videos on YouTube, and go on cycling trips on my mountain bike.


Luc de Vries – Editor-in-chief


Hello, friends and readers. I’m Luc de Vries, and the new editor-in-chief for the year of ’17-’18. To some of you I might be a familiar face. Having spent last year as a final editor for the magazine, the honor has now befallen me to follow up our beloved Paul Hofma at the helm of the editorial board, alongside Roos Gravemaker.

For those who don’t know me, I can inform you that I’m not a very complex person. I love stories in both reading and writing. Music and film aren’t far removed from this premise, which I think explains my affection for these arts as well. I believe storytelling is the closest thing us humans have to magic.

I am happy to start this year knowing we have a board full of wonderful and talented people, all of whom stand ready to create new magazines from your submissions. Please look forward to our publications this year, and I hope to meet you all in person at our events and drinks.


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