Meeting the board: Paulina and Cathelyne

In this outing of our ongoing series of board introductions: Paulina and Cathelyne.

Paulina van Bergem – Secretary

Paulina's Picture

My name is Paulina. I am a Dutch-American girl, who moved to Amsterdam a year ago to study English at the University of Amsterdam. I have been singing and making music for more than half of my life now and I could not imagine living without it. Besides music, I am obsessed with food, fashion and film (and alliteration apparently). Recently, listening to podcasts and the radio have become two of my favorite pastimes. There is a common thread running through all of my interests and that is the concept of storytelling. I guess that comes from my deep-rooted fascination with people and my belief that everyone has a story to tell. I joined the Writer’s Block team to be able to seek out the special ones and hopefully be involved in the sharing of them.


Cathelyne Top – Treasurer


Hi, my name is Cat! I am a third-year English and first-year Business Administration student (a very logical and not-at-all weird combination, I know). This year, I will be collecting receipts as the new treasurer for Writer’s Block. I am a huge film and videogame fanatic and will be using our awesome magazine as an outlet for said interests as much as possible, especially since most of my university life now revolves around economics, business and something straight out of a horror movie called “Quantative Data Analysis 1”: a wondrous world where lectures are attended by over a thousand students and essays have a word limit of 300. Luckily, I will have all your wonderful submissions to keep me sane!

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