November Horoscopes


The clock has changed, the days continue to shorten, the planets have shifted once again.


Please don’t look at me like that. The sunlight from your eyes blinds me, but don’t let that stop you.

The rug unfurls, a cloud of dust rises into the air. An envelope slides across the floor. It’s been there so long, the corners are all bent out of shape. It holds all that you’ve been hoping for.

Rain patters against your windows. The heat and wind have been hiding you. The drops trickle down the glass, taking with it all the dirt that’s been collected. You can now see that the last flower of the season is wilting. You tell yourself it’s time to pull out all those limp plants and invest in some new bulbs.



Know that when your hand reaches out to mine, I will hold onto it. I don’t mind walking down your route with you. There will be something to find there, whether you’re looking for it or not.

Don’t be afraid when that pen turns into a microphone. The sounds that fill the room will not frighten anyone. You won’t be drowned out by the November storms.

Don’t let this slide anymore; give into the temptation of doing double-takes.

Pick up those shards. Don’t hide them in a box under your bed like you’re used to. I’ve got glue in a drawer and a few free hours to spend with you.



The bottom of your bag gives out. Everything you were carrying is now spread all over the floor. Now you have to make a decision of what to bring back home with you. After all, you only have two hands.

The strings of your heart loosen. It slips down your sleeve, where it rests comfortably between your wrist and the fabric of your sweater. Don’t worry about it: it’s strong enough to stay there until it’s ready to tighten up again.

You can hear the train rolling into the stations as you rush up the stairs. You’re worried that you won’t make it. The doors open. You can make a choice now: take a single leap, trusting that the doors will remain open, or choose to wait for the next train.



A warmth washes over your skin. Ask yourself, is this warmth coming from the fireplace? Or is your blood warming up to you?

Coffee spills across your address book and agenda. The ink mingles with the coffee, bleeding into the dates to come and names you barely remember. Make a mental note to buy new organisers.

Don’t panic when something slips from between your fingers. The Earth will catch it and hold onto it until you’re ready to pick it up again. Do not think it has forsaken you. But remember, carry only as much as your arms allow.



The kettle whistles. A mug waits, containing honey and tea, ready for boiling water. You’ve already covered your couch with your favourite blanket. You can hear the TV whispering the lines of your favourite show. You don’t feel guilty, nor should you.

The mist is clearing up outside. You can see down to the other end of your street now. Don’t be afraid to walk there, you might find what you’re looking for.

There are only few things that get built in a day. The world can wait for you this time. Ease up on that gas-pedal before you’re pulled over. A few minutes late is fine by me.



Don’t be shy. Let the energy flow out of you. Let your legs sway you across the room. But don’t forget to tie the laces on your dancing shoes. You can only take so many steps until you fall. When your laces get stuck in the escalator, don’t hesitate to cut them. You won’t need them forever.

When you knock that vase off its pedestal, consider sweeping it up and throwing it out. Does it really mean so much to you?

Shut the window when it begins to rain. Pull out the candles when it begins to storm. When the power shuts off, don’t take it personally.



The wind ceases to blow. The sails hang limp. Let the anchor fall to the depths and take the time to lie in the sun. The world continues to revolve at 66.000 miles an hour, but to you everything is still.

The paint on the wall in the kitchen flakes. How many years has it been since you’ve painted? Peel away that thin layer; create an opportunity for yourself to change.

A pile of papers that was stacked on your desk scatters as you open a window. When you pick the papers up, you find an envelope gifted to you on your birthday. Did you forget? Or were you saving it? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that it’s here now.



When was the last time you locked your front door? Did you stuff those holes in the walls? If you’re not careful, you’ll have mice dancing through the house.

And that spare key you’ve been holding on to. Isn’t it time to keep that key somewhere that isn’t behind a locked door?

Fall into a pool of warm water. Let it be the embrace you’ve been waiting for. Let yourself float, even if just for a moment. The water seeps into your ears, blurring the sounds around you. Do you mind being alone? Do you need more time to think?



The zipper on your bag, you know, the one that’s been getting stuck for so long, finally budges. It’s a small victory, but don’t let that stop you from celebrating. Take the time to get the more expensive treat that you’ve been craving.

The shards of the mirror have been gathering dust for far too long. Take it upon yourself to clean it up. You don’t need any more cuts. Besides, a whole mirror is clearer than a shattered one.

I know you’re tired, but there will be tingles under your skin again. Your fingers will fumble and your feet will fidget. Let it wash over you.



There will come a time where the only hand that can feed is yours. There will be a choice you will have to make. Can I trust you to make the right decision?

The cryptic letters you’ve been receiving have finally included a code. It won’t take long for you to decode them now. When you write your reply, let your words speak for you.

The rain pours outside. Your umbrella is torn, your raincoat is nowhere to be found. When was the last time you answered ‘no’ to ‘is it really worth it to leave the house today’?



All the tips of your pencils have dulled. A sharpener stares you down. When you think of the future, what do you see? How will you get there? The pencil shavings won’t hurt you, don’t let them intimidate you.

The water around you settles. A perfect mirror surrounds you. Close your eyes. What does the reflection show? Be gentle. Don’t break that perfect mirror.

Why have you been walking across a tightrope? Don’t you know it’s much easier to walk over solid ground? Come, I’ll guide you.

Don’t let your sighs blow out all the candles you have so carefully lit.



Your favourite boots have been hiding in the back of your closet since spring bloomed earlier in the year. The cold, grey weather is begging for its reappearance. Don’t fret about how comfortable they will be; like always, they will fit like a glove.

You have tossed and you have turned and you will continue to do so. But do so knowing that one day, you will find a way to get through the night unscathed.

A light goes on in your head. Did you forget it was there? Did you think the light bulb had burned out? Take a deep breath: you are still here.


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