December horoscopes

  Oh geez. I guess you’re looking for the monthly horoscopes we provide here at Writer’s Block. Sadly, there is not much to be read about your future other than the immediate one you’re trying to bridle right now. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Master astronomer/star-seer can’t be presentContinue reading “December horoscopes”

A (Summery) Literary Dispatch from the Stars

Hello my lovelies, long time no see! It’s me again—WB’s very own anonymous in-house astrologist—with the latest from the stars. The summer holidays are here and those who haven’t compiled their summer reading lists need not worry. Here I am with a reading forecast perfectly fitted to every sign’s needs and curated by the alignmentContinue reading “A (Summery) Literary Dispatch from the Stars”

A Literary Dispatch from the Stars

Good news for every single one of us. After three years of stress and insecurity, brought upon us by Uranus and Pluto’s unfavourable position, the stars will be more propitious from the start of the new year. Although we might still be dealing with the rumpus of the last few years during the first fewContinue reading “A Literary Dispatch from the Stars”