Meeting the board: Sona, Elise and David

For the final entry of our board introduction series, meet Sona, Elise and David.

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In Defence of Cats


Recently, I’ve gotten into the cat-sitting business. April has been pretty hectic so far, as I have been up and down Amsterdam taking care of all sorts of cats. Some need medication, others have a very specific diet, but the one thing they all have in common is this: all they really want is a good cuddle. Now I’m not implying that their current cat-parents are neglecting them, but when they’re on their own for the majority of the day, they just want some good ol’ lovin’.

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Cult documentaries


We’ve all seen those lists: “10 Cult films you have to watch!!!”, “5 of the best cult films ever!!!”, “You’re not a true film-lover until you’ve seen these cult films!!!”. Donnie Darko, The Big Lebowski, Fight Club, The Room, I’ve seen those lists and I am no longer impressed. What I personally would like to see is films about cults, and after careful consideration, I have gone on a binge-watching frenzy to find the best documentaries on cults. This binge-watching fest made me feel a bit crazy, as it was followed by a conspiracy theory spree, so I recommend watching these with caution and perhaps with a few days in between viewings. In other words, don’t follow my example and watch three films on cults in one night. If you do, you may find yourself looking over your shoulder more often than not, and squinting your eyes when your friend says they’ve joined a meditation group. You have been duly warned.

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Warriors: Coming of age through cats


I get a variety of reactions when I tell people that the series I read throughout my childhood and early teens was one about cats. What’s so great about cats? How can you read book after book, thousands of pages about cats? What can the writer possibly still write about? I too wondered that after reading about twelve of these books. How could I still be hooked on them? How can they still be releasing books, over a decade after I started reading them?

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Meeting the board: Anna, Elise and Sophie

The last members to introduce themselves are Anna, Elise and Sophie!

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