I dream in 35mm

Back when I was a teenager, I created an Instagram account and I loved it. I spent endless amount of time posting weird artsy photos with matching weird artsy captions – usually song lyrics. Instagram has consistently remained one of my favourite social media platforms since I first made my account, and I have the 1.7k photos to prove it. There was, however, a period where I didn’t take pictures anymore. I felt bored, perhaps even a bit lazy. There came no satisfaction from picking out one photo out from the 15 that I had taken of a subject matter. And that bummed me out. My beautiful, precious Instagram would lie silent for weeks, but I just had nothing to post. And it wasn’t that I couldn’t take pictures; my phone’s camera is pretty decent and I do have a DSLR lying around – I just didn’t want to. I was uninspired and perhaps even apathetic at the thought of it. It felt far too easy to just snap dozens of pictures, only to have to then wade through a sea of similar photos to find The One.

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‘In the Airplane over the Sea’ – a review by Elise van der Linde

In 1998, Neutral Milk Hotel released their second and final album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, which I firmly believe is one of the greatest records ever written. The record, which has never really been classified as belonging to one genre or other, has eleven songs and is forty magical minutes long. The songs seamlessly flow from one into the other, which means you’d be doing the album a great injustice by not listening to it from front to back in its entirety.

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An Ode To Baking: How To Give The Finger To Seasonal Depression

In my previous article, I am a raccoon: why I love trash television, I mentioned that Gen Z has been called the Burn-Out Generation. And I gotta say, I’m feeling the burn. Since it’s also the dead of winter, my tropical disposition has given up on leaving the house, choosing instead to rot on the couch and embrace seasonal depression. However, this winter I decided to say thank u, next to hours and hours of Netflix and ennui, and actually do something. Since a girl has to eat anyway, I’ve been putting more effort into cooking. But not only cooking, also baking. Those that have known me pre-transatlantic-move would remember that I love baking. Perhaps you were one of my high school friends over at my house while I made donuts or caramel apples. Or maybe you were a grade school classmate who ate the cupcakes I baked for my birthday. Either way, I have found myself delving into that old hobby once again. You know how it goes: if you love something, let it go.

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I am a raccoon: why I love trash television

Everyone who knows me knows this: raccoons are my spirit animal. I love trash. I like collecting knick-knacks, I save my movie tickets, and I absolutely love bad entertainment. I can’t count the amount of times my mom came into the living room and asked me why I keep watching garbage–or as she collectively called bad television–The Kardash. Why she could never get the title of the Kardashian’s famous reality tv-show right is beyond me, but I digress.

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WARNING: there are spoilers in this review. Spoilers that will definitely affect your first viewing of the film. Just sayin’.

I’m going to tell you about a film I recently saw. Pity (2018) is a Greek film directed by Babis Makridis. I’m giving you information about the director because that’s what people usually do when they review films. I, however, care more for the writer: Efthymis Filippou. Filippou has previously written two other films which will forever hold a place in my heart and in my film recommendations, namely the Greek film Dogtooth (2009) and The Lobster (2015). Both those films are award-winning works directed by Yorgos Lanthimos.

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Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer – Review

After three years, 5 Seconds of Summer have released their third album titled ‘Youngblood’. The band quickly rose to fame after opening for One Direction on their world tour and they have spent years working non-stop, going from touring straight into the studio, releasing their sophomore album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ one year after their self-titled debut album. Continue reading “Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer – Review”