Writer’s Block is recruiting!


That’s right, we are looking for someone to complete our editorial board. If you haven’t heard from us before: we are an English students’ magazine for creative writing, film and literature at the University of Amsterdam. We publish a magazine multiple times a year and write a wide variety of website articles. We are currently looking for a new secretary to join our team of enthusiasts. More specifically, we are looking for a student who:

  • is a student and has mastered the English language
  • is a literary omnivore and loves various types of creative writing
  • likes to edit a wide range of submissions, or would like to learn this
  • can’t wait to help create our awesome magazine
  • wants to write passionate articles for our website on a regular basis
  • wants to spread the word about Writer’s Block through our social media channels
  • is able to administer our mailbox and meeting reports
  • is able to attend a weekly editorial meeting (and bring a bar of chocolate every now and then)
  • is able to laugh compassionately when other Writer’s Block editors exhibit their silly sense of humour
  • likes to play Cards Against Humanity

Does this sound wildly interesting to you? Then apply as soon as possible by sending a short motivation and your CV to info@writersblockmagazine.com (subject: Application), and maybe you’ll be the one to join our editorial board real soon. We’d love to hear from you!

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