Father Ted, A Legacy

  “It doesn’t sound good, you know: three priests living on an island as a sitcom. If I’d heard about it, I’d hate it.”[1] Graham Lineham, the co-creator of the Irish sitcom Father Ted confesses, slightly apologetically. Nevertheless, twenty years since the last episode aired, its legacy lives on, from the unforgettable protest slogan “Down … More Father Ted, A Legacy

Homo Ludens: Exploring The Popularity of Let’s Plays

I guess you can say that this article came into existence by accident. A few weeks ago, one of the Writer’s Block board members texted me asking, “Are you watching playthrough videos again on YouTube, Roos?” I was shocked by this I know what you did last summer-level of clairvoyance and immediately paused the video … More Homo Ludens: Exploring The Popularity of Let’s Plays

Hapax Legomenon! ‘University Challenge’ and the Nerd Cult

Watch University Challenge on BBC 2 every Monday at 21.00 (CET). On April 10th 2017 at 21.00 (CET) you may have missed the event of the year. After several months of weekly matches, people around Britain (and the world) sat down at home or in the pub to watch this match that was hyped with … More Hapax Legomenon! ‘University Challenge’ and the Nerd Cult

A Je To! Or Doing and Subverting Communism with Pat and Mat

  Armed with hammer, screwdriver, and inexhaustible optimism, Pat and Mat have been taking on the world for over 40 years. In those years their world changed drastically;  born during the dark days of communist Czechoslovakia, they witnessed the Velvet Revolution, watched the Iron curtain fall, and saw their country being split into two. Yet … More A Je To! Or Doing and Subverting Communism with Pat and Mat

Ode to the Pimple

  It was a cold February morning when I was on my way to Amsterdam from Haarlem station. Like any other person commuting by train, I normally keep my business to myself but this time I was distracted by the guy sitting in front of me. It was a Spanish tourist who was browsing through … More Ode to the Pimple

T2 Trainspotting

  Choose to make a highly anticipated sequel to a 20 year old movie. Choose to ignore the cynicism surrounding remakes, follow-ups, and other so-called money-draining exploitations of an initial “good movie”. Choose nostalgia. Choose letting an entire generation reach for the last lingering strings of their youth. Choose to accept some meagre compliments and … More T2 Trainspotting