Meeting the board: Paul and Roos

The editorial board of 2016-2017 would like to introduce itself to you! First up: Editors-in-chief Paul Hofma and Roos Gravemaker. Continue reading “Meeting the board: Paul and Roos”


True Detective


“I don’t get why you keep watching this. Don’t you know that every episode is the same?” I could hear the frustration in my dad’s voice. I was watching Lewis and had arrived at the moment where poor sergeant Hathaway was once again victim of mockery for the fact that he – the utter pleb – had studied at Cambridge, not at Oxford where the series take place.
“We don’t even get to see people being killed,” he shrugged. He walked out of the living room probably heading to another free TV in the house. He then turned around one more time and added “Elitist nonsense.” Continue reading “True Detective”

If William Shakespeare Got Feedback from Some Guy at a Creative Writing Workshop


A few weeks ago I came across a great Buzzfeed post from Shannon Reed called “If Jane Austen got feedback from some guy in a writing workshop”, which I genuinely loved. So in honour of the 400th anniversary of his death, I decided to write my own version featuring the paragon of English literature, William Shakespeare. Continue reading “If William Shakespeare Got Feedback from Some Guy at a Creative Writing Workshop”

Objectified Scotsmen and Hunky Gladiators, or on the Sexualisation of the Modern Man


One of the things that I like to show friends is the Tumblr page Wtf Bad Romance Covers which is filled with tacky and camp covers of Candlelight Novels. Every Thursday is “Objectified Scotsmen Thursday” and on this wonderful day the blog delights its followers with cheap covers with entertainingly awkwardly posing “Scottish” hunks, because, apparently, Scotsmen are THE most valuable player when it comes to romance novels. Naturally, the page – as well as my interest – is completely ironic, just like the Hunky Gladiator Calendar which me and my friend bought in Rome with great hilarity and low key disapproval from the Pakistani shopkeeper (we bought five). Yet, as a feminist and someone who always cringes and rolls her eyes whenever women are objectified on TV, in advertisements, or in movies, I cannot help but sense a certain level of hypocrisy in condemning the sexual objectification of women on the one hand, and, to some extent, celebrating/ enjoying the objectification of men on the other hand (as ironic as it may be). So what is the issue here? Continue reading “Objectified Scotsmen and Hunky Gladiators, or on the Sexualisation of the Modern Man”