Short Story Competition – Shared Third Place: Adventure Awaits

A man uses magic to turn into a mighty lion, but something goes wrong and he turns into a domestic cat, and has to spend his remaining days as his arch nemesis’s pet. No. Three people lost at sea, one is a tiger… No. Stop it with the felines. Real people. Real problems. Drugs, hallucinatingContinue reading “Short Story Competition – Shared Third Place: Adventure Awaits”

Short Story Competiton – Shared Third Place: Mark and Henry

As a professor of law, specialising in freedom of speech, Mark had concerned himself for the most part of his life with the weight of words. He felt strong about rhetoric, prose and text. They’d gotten into one of their quarrels over a frequently discussed topic that night. – “I panicked baby, I didn’t knowContinue reading “Short Story Competiton – Shared Third Place: Mark and Henry”

Nescio – The Poet of Prose

  I like to think that all of us here at Writer’s Block – editors, writers and readers – are lovers of the written word. It seems that for most people nowadays words only truly speak to them when they are uttered by actors, singers or public speakers, or when they’re set against the backdropContinue reading “Nescio – The Poet of Prose”