This Is America

I’m kind of a sucker for the American dream. America is the land of possibilities, of glitter and glamour, of making wishes come true, of starting at the bottom and going all the way up. In America, you can be anything, and everything is beautiful and amazing.

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On Being Possible: the White-Passing and the Black European

Dear WB-readers,

My name is Fannah. I’m a 24-year-old, third-year English student who’s going to New York next semester and ideally (idyllically) wants to become a writer. I’ve been a member of the Writer’s Block board since September and I’ve written two other articles for this website already. But I had a much more controversial introduction in mind at first: more controversial than my name and age, and more controversial than the “PG13” piece I wrote on teenage love a few months back. Continue reading “On Being Possible: the White-Passing and the Black European”

How To Love Boys

When I was in my awkward, painful late teens, romantic comedies were all the rage. Girls my age couldn’t stop thinking—and talking—about the dreamy guys featured in movies like The Notebook, Mean Girls and Twilight. (I realize that these must seem ancient by now.) We all wanted a Noah, Aaron, Edward or Jacob. But we would never have them. Because, later rather than sooner, we found out that guys aren’t really like that. Guys don’t build you houses. They don’t just offer to tutor you. And they’re definitely never superhuman.

But is it a bad thing that these boys weren’t real? In The Notebook, the protagonist couple fights all the time and cheats on the people they’re actually with. In Mean Girls, Cady dumbs herself down to get the guy. And the Twilight series, to be honest, portrays a toxic, overly-dependent relationship. Love can hurt, sure. But if it hurts that much, you might have to look for something… healthier.

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