Meeting The Board: David & Fannah

Here’s week two of WB introducing its lovely new board. This time, say hello to…

David Slot – Treasurer


Born in the Netherlands but raised mostly on the sunny slopes of Andalusian Spain, I seem to be stuck in constant state of re-entry and reverse culture shock. However, after living in de Randstad for about two years now, I’ve finally begun to approach newfound levels of Dutch integration, such as a burning hatred for city-tripping tourists blocking sidewalks, the growth of webbed toes and painstakingly mastering the basics of Amsterdam’s one officially recognised dialect: cyclist swearing.

Fannah Palmer – Secretary


Hi, my name is Fannah, and I’m 24 years old. I’m half Dutch, half American—forever conflicted between bluntness and niceties. I’m also a Gemini. Before I started studying English, I got a bachelor’s degree in music and plan to combine singing and writing in my future career. (I have a knack for impossible goals.) Next semester, I’m moving to New York to study and hopefully get some more writing done. I would love to publish some short stories, but like every young writer I’ve also been ‘working on a novel’ forever. I joined Writer’s Block this year to get inspired, and because I’ve been drawn to the idea of editing as a job! Some random facts: I love sushi, Venice Beach, learning new languages, the color blue and everything 1920s—most of all the literature. I think I’ve read about thirty percent of the books I own, but bookstores are my vice, especially second-hand ones!



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