What Mitski Tells Us About Capitalism and Art

I cry at the start of every Mitski song / I guess cause I wish I was making things too. Yeah, I know, very meta of me to almost quote the beginning of the song, but that line never ceases to amaze me. Mitski is describing the thought most artists have: the realization that youContinue reading “What Mitski Tells Us About Capitalism and Art”


Image Credit: Euphoria I sometimes cannot help but dream and imagine who would I be in a different reality. I wonder how would I be in another socially constructed world, one without binaries, without regimes, without forced identities. How much freer would I be. How much would I ebb and flow. How much all ofContinue reading “ON COMPHET”

Revisiting “Her” Through a Posthumanist Lens

My huge crush on Rooney Mara may have biased me when watching Her (2013), but, for a while, I could only watch it through the ex-girlfriend’s perspective. I found it extremely difficult not to look at Theodore’s relationship with his Operating System as a way for him to not deal with women. Besides, the factContinue reading “Revisiting “Her” Through a Posthumanist Lens”

The Fem Cel™ and Sad Girl Core

TW: eating disorders Sylvia Plath published The Bell Jar in 1963, a year in which girls were lobotomized if they expressed an ounce of female suffering. A year where mental illness was a complete taboo. A year in which not many authors spoke about what was it like to be mentally ill while living underContinue reading “The Fem Cel™ and Sad Girl Core”

Amid the crises: mutual aid as a response in the decade of immanent collapse

We are entering the second Holiday season since the pandemic hit us. We are also about to enter a brand new year, where, again, the uncertainty of the pandemic is still shivering down our spines. We know that this nightmare is most likely far from over. What’s worse is that the pandemic is not theContinue reading “Amid the crises: mutual aid as a response in the decade of immanent collapse”

The Fantasy of The Female Gaze

Photo by Chloe Sheppard Unlike music gatekeepers, I don’t believe TikTok has “ruined” any songs for me. A very important exception is Portishead’s Glory Box though. I am not going to pretend I have known that song for a really long time; the first time I heard it was on an American Horror Story episodeContinue reading “The Fantasy of The Female Gaze”