Warriors: Coming of age through cats


I get a variety of reactions when I tell people that the series I read throughout my childhood and early teens was one about cats. What’s so great about cats? How can you read book after book, thousands of pages about cats? What can the writer possibly still write about? I too wondered that after reading about twelve of these books. How could I still be hooked on them? How can they still be releasing books, over a decade after I started reading them?

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Horoscopes 2017


Art by Ana Flores

A single paragraph to sum up 2017.


Tablecloths, towels, sheets line the walls. They cover every mirror and reflective surface. Your hand itches — for what? Do you miss seeing yourself? It won’t take much to tear all those obstacles down. What will you do when you see what has been hidden from you? You are the only person that can do this. When was the last time you felt the strength to hold yourself up?

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Meeting the board: Anna, Elise and Sophie

The last members to introduce themselves are Anna, Elise and Sophie!

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