Meeting the board: Sona, Elise and David

For the final entry of our board introduction series, meet Sona, Elise and David.

Sona Simonian – Social media manager


Freshly 20, my name is Sona Simonian and I’ll be the next and new social media manager of Writer’s Block. Currently doing my second year of the English BA. Loves Murakami, Eurovision, wine and dumplings. Already owns an imaginary cat called Toto and can’t wait to adopt a real cat. Screams a lot. Shameless. Prefers to spend time in bed either sleeping or sleeping. Uses a bullet journal and will try to convince you to start using one as well. My biggest dream is to finish writing a book. Will fail at cooking and write about it. Will most likely fail at life too and write about it. Please look forward to my failures and even more to my posts on both Twitter and Instagram.


Elise van der Linde – Graphic designer


I’m Elise and just like last year, I will be doing the graphic design for Writer’s Block. Besides that, I will be writing horoscopes, short stories, poetry, and articles about cats. I will also be working closely with Sona to bring our readers a newsletter in between our issues. Some interests outside of writing include knitting and crochet, trying out new recipes, staying warm, and watching bad TV. I am a cat mom, a lover of instagram, the chair of Etcetera, and a turtleneck wearer. Over the past year, I have learned many things, most importantly, I am now always 10 minutes early.


David Kleinsteuber – Final website editor


For one more year, I will be continuing at Writer’s Block as the final website editor, which means it’ll be my job once more to make everything as pretty as possible before it’s posted on the site. As you may have read in an earlier introduction piece, my previous position of treasurer will this year be taken up by the very awesome and very competent Cat[i].

As for a more day-to-day description of myself – I’m a simple pleasures kind of guy. On a warm day, bring me a glass of cold lemonade with no more, no less than three medium-sized ice cubes, and I’ll be in a state of bliss all week. I also enjoy playing the guitar, going for walks and listening to documentary podcasts.

Lastly, I want to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading and working together with all of you on your submissions over the past two years, and that I look forward to seeing what you’ve got up your sleeves this year. Bring on the submissions folks!

[i] Go Cat!


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